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The Critical Unraveling of U.S. Society

November 18th, 2009 | Filed under Activism, Economy, Environment, Hot List, News, Politics & Government, Pop Cult, War . Follow comments through RSS 2.0 feed. Click here to comment, or trackback.

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By David DeGraw, AmpedStatus Report

Report Contents:
———————I: U.S. Societal Breakdown
———————II: Environmental Crisis
———————III: The Obama Myth
———————IV: Economic Coup – Theft of Trillions
———————V: National Emergency

The economic elite have launched an attack on the U.S.
public and society is unraveling at an increased rate.

I: U.S. Societal Breakdown

The Critical Unraveling of U.S. Society: We are in a NATIONAL EMERGENCYYou may have missed it in the mainstream news media, but statistical societal indicators are reading red across the board. Before exposing the root causes of this breakdown, let’s look at some vital statistics and facts:

* The inequality of wealth in the United States is soaring to an unprecedented level. The US already had the highest inequality of wealth in the industrialized world prior to the financial crisis. Since the crisis, which has hit the middle class and poor much harder than the top one percent, the gap between the top one percent and the remaining 99% of the US population has grown to a record high.

* As the stock market went over the 10,000 mark and just surged to a 13-month high, the three big banks that took taxpayer money and benefit the most from the government bailout have just set a new global economic record by issuing $30 billion in annual bonuses this year, “up 60 percent from last year.” Bloomberg reported: “Goldman Sachs, the most profitable securities firm in Wall Street history, had a record profit in the first nine months of this year and set aside $16.7 billion for compensation expenses.” Goldman Sachs is on pace for the best year in the firm’s history, they are also benefiting by only paying 1% in taxes.

* The profits of the economic elite are “now underwritten by taxpayers with $23.7 trillion worth of national wealth.”

As the looting is occurring at the top, the US middle class is just beginning to collapse.

* Workers between the age of 55 – 60, who have worked for 20 – 29 years, have lost an average of 25 percent off their 401k. During the same time period, the wealth of the 400 richest Americans went up by $30 billion, bringing their total combined wealth to $1.57 trillion.

* Home foreclosure filings “hit a record high in the third quarter [of 2009]… They were the worst three months of all time… 937,840 homes received a foreclosure letter” in this three month period. “3.4 million homes are expected to enter foreclosure by year’s end, with some experts estimating that next year will be even worse.”

President Obama has enacted a $75 billion taxpayer funded program that has been a spectacular failure in stemming the foreclosure crisis and has proven to be another massive waste of billions of taxpayer dollars.

* 25 Million people are unemployed or underemployed.

This means we have 25 million people who urgently need to increase their income, and they’re quickly running out of options. The unemployment rate is expected to rise further and remain high for several years. “The president’s chief economic adviser warned that the nation’s unemployment rate could stay ‘unacceptably high’ for years to come.”

The NY Times reports: “Americans now confront a job market that is bleaker than ever in the current recession, and employment prospects are still getting worse. Job seekers now outnumber openings six to one, the worst ratio since the government began tracking…” As this ratio continues to grow, it will lead to a further reduction in wages – average worker wages have seen a sharp decline over the past year.

Economist Nouriel Roubini, a man who accurately predicted our current crisis, just reported on unemployment stating: “Think the worst is over? Wrong. Conditions in the U.S. labor markets are awful and worsening…. So we can expect that job losses will continue until the end of 2010 at the earliest. In other words, if you are unemployed and looking for work and just waiting for the economy to turn the corner, you had better hunker down. All the economic numbers suggest this will take a while. The jobs just are not coming back.”

* As the few elite banks thrive, there have been 123 US bank failures thus far this year. Recently, three banks that the government declared “healthy” and gave taxpayer money to have folded. The Wall Street Journal reports: “U.S. regulators have seized or threatened at least 27 banks that got capital infusions from the Troubled Asset Relief Program, including some lenders government officials knew were troubled when they awarded the money. The troubles put taxpayers at risk of losing as much as $5.1 billion invested in the banks since TARP was launched in October 2008.”

* As bankruptcies surge across the board, 10 US states are on the verge of bankruptcy, with several ready to declare a financial state of emergency. California, Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, Oregon, Rhode Island and Wisconsin are all “barreling toward economic disaster, raising the likelihood of higher taxes, more government layoffs and deep cuts in services.”

This is occurring at a time when the “federal budget deficit for the fiscal year that just ended was $1.4 trillion, nearly a trillion dollars greater than the year before.” In total, “US public debt topped 12 trillion dollars for the first time in history… The public debt topped 10 trillion dollars in September 2008. The debt is quickly approaching the statutory limit of 12.104 trillion dollars, meaning Congress would have to raise the ceiling to prevent a shutdown of government operations.”

Economist Dean Baker explains the risk of running such a large deficit: “The debt limit must be increased at regular intervals in order to allow the government to function normally because the government is currently operating at a deficit. If the debt limit is not passed, then at some point the government will not be able to pay workers and contractors. It won’t be able to send out Social Security checks or make payments for Medicaid and unemployment insurance to state governments. And, it will not be able to make interest payments on government bonds, effectively defaulting on the national debt.”

Needless to say, all of this will make life drastically more difficult for citizens of the US. As the middle class continues on the path of economic decline, the number of citizens living in poverty has already hit an all time high.

* Although the government’s official figure tries to low-ball the number, 47.4 Million US citizens live in poverty, and the US poverty rate is the highest in the industrialized world.

Predictably, homelessness is rising at an increased rate as well. “The US government does not tally the numbers but interested organisations say that more than 3 million people were homeless at some point over the past year…. The fastest growing segment of the homeless population is families with children.”

Children have been hit especially hard by the economic crisis:

* 50% of US children, one out of every two children, will need to use food stamps to eat.

One out of every two children in the United States of America will need to use a food stamp… to EAT!

If you didn’t think starvation was a serious threat in the US, just read this new Washington Post report: “The nation’s economic crisis has catapulted the number of Americans who lack enough food to the highest level since the government has been keeping track, according to a new federal report, which shows that nearly 50 million people — including almost one child in four — struggled last year to get enough to eat… Several independent advocates and policy experts on hunger said that they had been bracing for the latest report to show deepening shortages, but that they were nevertheless astonished by how much the problem has worsened. ‘This is unthinkable. It’s like we are living in a Third World country,’ said Vicki Escarra, president of Feeding America.”

The United States Department of Agriculture released these findings in a study that was completed in December 2008, which means these numbers don’t take into account the millions more unemployed throughout 2009. The numbers of people living in poverty and struggling to eat has seen a significant increase since then.

This a national tragedy. But it gets much worse.

* In 2008, according to the Census Bureau, the number of US citizens without healthcare grew to a record 46.3 million. “The new figures, however, understate the severity of the economic downturn because a large portion of nation’s job losses and unemployment rate increases occurred after the Census survey data was collected in March as part of the annual Current Population Survey.”

* Lack of health Insurance has caused 45,000 preventable U.S. citizen deaths in the past year. The American Journal of Medicine recently released a study that stated “Nearly two out of three bankruptcies stem from medical bills, and even people with health insurance face financial disaster if they experience a serious illness.”

A Johns Hopkins Children’s Center study reported that 17,000 children have died due to lack of healthcare. You can also add in a recent report that revealed that 2,266 US Veterans have died in 2008 due to lack of insurance.

The 50 million now uninsured and the 45,000 preventable deaths per year statistics are expected to drastically rise over the next few years. As the Senate continues to strip meaningful amendments from a healthcare bill that wouldn’t even take effect until 2013, it has become clear that, despite the media hype, the healthcare bill is going to fall far short of meaningful reform and continue to rig the game in favor of large insurance company profits at the expense of the US population. With the highest cost healthcare in the world, current trends will continue and much needed change is not on the horizon.

Never before has the United States had so many citizens with so little means, little to no income and heavy debt. Debt and costs of living have now shackled US citizens just as it has shackled people throughout the world. The economic hit men have now hit the US as well and millions of US citizens are now effectively sentenced to a slow death.

Economic Imperial blowback has hit the mainland.

And the clock is ticking louder by the day…

Here’s another fact for you:

* The gun and ammunition manufacturing industry in the United States has over 200 companies producing billions of dollars in annual revenues. This huge manufacturing base cannot fulfill demand quickly enough. The demand for guns and ammunition has hit a record high and the gun industry cannot produce enough bullets to keep up with orders.

American’s are arming themselves to the teeth!

* In the past year, 100 new armed militia groups have been formed, as militia members have doubled in numbers. Federal authorities are gravely concerned about the “uptick in militia activities.” One federal authority recently said, “All it’s lacking is a spark. I think it’s only a matter of time before you see threats and violence.”

So let’s breakdown these numbers.

You have a population of 50 million people who are in desperate need of money, they most likely have no health insurance and can’t afford to get healthcare or help of any kind. Part of this population probably also has loved ones who can’t get life sustaining medical treatments, or loved ones that have already died due to lack of costly medical treatment. The clock is ticking loud for these people and they are running out of options fast, and time delayed is time closer to death.

While the richest one percent have never had it so good, a significant percentage of the US population now has firsthand experience in this. Millions upon millions of Americans are poor, broke, struggling, starving, desperate… and armed.

We are sitting on a powder keg!

We are now witnessing the critical unraveling of US society.

– - – - – - – - – - – -

II: Environmental Crisis

Add to this picture an environmental crisis the likes of which humanity has never faced.

Considering our current economy, what will happen when another extreme weather event like Hurricane Katrina hits a major US city? What will happen when storms, droughts and fires continue to spread with increasing intensity? How many have to die before even modest actions are taken to prevent environmental catastrophe?

Extreme weather events are pounding the globe, it is as if the environment has declared war on us as a species. Humanity has become a polluting cancer in the environmental system, and if we don’t urgently act to stop the bleeding, things are going to get drastically worse in a pace faster than anticipated. And this is not an opinion; it is happening now, there is plenty of empirical evidence that anyone can see before their own eyes, if they care to look.

US public opinion on the climate crisis has been distorted by the mainstream US media in stunning fashion. A recent Pew Research study revealed that only 36 percent of the US population thinks the climate crisis is a result of human activity.

Regardless of your beliefs, due to climate change, we are on the verge of experiencing major water shortages spreading “across the country. Sooner rather than later…” California has already been hit by extreme drought and water is in very short supply. As the Arctic continues to melt, California will continue to experience extreme drought. A new study revealed: “when Arctic sea ice disappears, the jet stream—high-altitude winds with a profound influence on climate—shifts north, moving precipitation away from California.” A recent “sweeping water-reform bill” in California temporarily eased public outcry, but the problem remains. The U.S. is confronted by a serious water crisis.

For a global example, there is currently an extreme drought in East Africa as well, which has 23 million people on the verge of dying from starvation. Due to the drought, crops have been killed in unprecedented fashion. Events of this nature are happening all over the globe.

Of the worldwide record one billion people going hungry, the leading cause is destroyed agriculture due to extreme weather.

As a significant percentage of humanity faces death due to climate change, we are in the midst of our planet’s sixth great extinction. Over 17,000 species are threatened with extinction, “more than one in five of all known mammals, over a quarter of reptiles and 70 percent of plants are under threat.”

The Critical Unraveling of U.S. Society: We are in a NATIONAL EMERGENCYFor those of you unaware, the earth’s ecosystem is a very delicate balance. Being in the midst of the earth’s sixth great extinction is not a matter to be ignored.

The upcoming climate summit in Copenhagen was considered by leaders throughout the world to be the most critical environmental summit in the history of civilization. International headlines read: “We only have months, not years, to save civilization from climate change.”

However, the United States and the head of the United Nations just announced that no legally binding treaties are expected to come out of the summit. This is devastating news!

The reason why no deal will be reached at the summit: the United States is refusing to take necessary action.

In a PR move to calm criticism in advance of the summit, the US and Japan announced a vague agreement to cut greenhouse gas emissions… in 2012. However, the “agreement on this ambitious reduction target could not be reached during the APEC summit, and so was dropped from the draft statement.”

It would be smart of the public relations department to at least get one photo op with Obama actually at the climate summit. Instead of being at the most important summit, perhaps in the history of civilization, it appears Obama will be blowing it off to give his speech on how it feels to win the Nobel Peace Prize… H E L L O.

We are living in an insane asylum.

The Goldman Sachs PR guy is out giving speeches on how cool it is to cast the illusion of peace and hope, while the earth burns.

– - – - – - – - – - – -

III: The Obama Myth

I don’t mean to dismiss the Obama myth, his words, the change we need is real, its just his actions don’t even come close to measuring up. Just read the legal documents he has signed his name to. Read them. His actions are most often the opposite of what he says. I venture to say a 10 year old can recognize that after doing a school day’s worth of research.

Obama is a national tragedy. He is a symbol of the times. He is not a leader, just a symbol. He projects the change we need. He was our shortcut to correcting our diseased political system, a way to rid it of corruption. He symbolized the change millions so desperately need. People came out in the millions for the first time “hoping” if they could work and organize to put him in office, we would have some representation to defend against the economic elite that have put the overwhelming majority of US politicians on the payroll and brought humanity to a breaking point.

The Critical Unraveling of U.S. Society: We are in a NATIONAL EMERGENCYPeople just need to research how the Obama myth was hatched. Goldman Sachs saw Obama early on and said, “He’s our guy!” When Obama became THE MAN in Iowa, he was on the Goldman Sachs pay roll. Goldman financed the psychological operation that is the Obama myth, the Illusion of HOPE – something to keep a suffering nation pacified just a little bit longer. Obama is truly a national tragedy. His failure and inaction has disillusioned millions upon millions of desperate citizens who turned to him as their best chance for justice.

As further evidence of Obama’s duplicity — beyond repeatedly signing his name to documents covering up the Bush Adminstration’s highest crimes and increasing an already bloated military budget — in one of his very first moves as President he put Goldman Sachs’ criminal mastermind Tim Geitner in charge of the treasury.

A new report from the TARP Inspector General further exposes Tim Geithner’s role “in overpayments that put billions of extra tax dollars in the coffers of major Wall Street firms, most notably Goldman Sachs.”

Which brings us to the ultimate theft of wealth in history, and to the root cause of our current crisis.

– - – - – - – - – - – -

IV: Economic Coup – Theft of Trillions


This crime makes Bernie Madoff’s look like an elementary school lunch money stickup. No, I’m not talking about the hundreds of billions in the housing crisis scam cooked up by JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs that left millions homeless and investors suckered the world over, or even the $2.75 trillion oil futures market scam that has siphoned 50% of all our spending on gas and fuel.

These huge scams are just diversions from the ultimate crime.

Trillions of dollars, trillions of our money, of our tax money — the money that comes out of your paycheck every week of your working life, all the thousands upon thousands that have been taken away from you and your family and are supposed to fund our government and keep our society functioning — have been handed over to the economic elite, to the Llyod Blankfeins and Jamie Dimons of the world.

Hank Paulson and his confidant Tim Geitner, the Goldman Sachs wonder twins, have looted the US treasury. There has been an economic coup in the United States!

Trillions of our dollars have vanished! You need to understand this!

We have just witnessed the greatest theft of wealth in history, the greatest transfer of wealth from the working class to the economic elite ever. An organized banking cartel has seized the US treasury and they are making up the “laws” and the rules to this rigged game. The covert economy has grown at a staggering rate due to taxpayer-funded injections. As a result of this, economic shackles are just beginning to fall upon the American public like never before. 99% of our nation is now sentenced to a slow death.

The Critical Unraveling of U.S. Society: We are in a NATIONAL EMERGENCYJust as economic hit men have done to governments throughout the globe, they have gained complete control of the US government and have now shackled US citizens as well. The economic elite do not want to deal with “spoiled Americans” anymore, that’s how they see it. To them the middle class was always an annoying nuisance to be tolerated so the economy could keep functioning well enough to allow their scams to perpetuate. But once their scam known as the US stock market came crashing down, and they were threatened with losing their ultimate power, they turned to the US middle class and opened fire. “Enough with you, we are taking over your government and stealing your tax money!”

This is exactly what happened!

The economic elite are operating under the belief that the world is theirs, they own it, and to hell with everyone else. They also take the view that as the environment grows more destructive, they don’t want us around to compete for resources.

This is self-evident after some research into policy actions that have been carried out. Research it for yourself!

Recent investigations into the illegal practices of Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan have revealed the US economy and stock market to be a fraud. As more of the world becomes aware of this, the dollar will continue to plummet and the U.S. public will pay a devastating price – things are just beginning to unravel.

The US economy has been hit by a deathblow, it lay in ruins naked and exposed to “Too Big Too Fail” thieves who have raped and pillaged, who are looting public wealth in unprecedented fashion.

The economic elite are vultures feeding off the carcass that is the US economy. The whole political structure has been gutted by corruption. Democracy was the façade that this house of cards was built on – a pyramid scheme that was built on the illusion of law and freedom.

Historians will look back at this time as a period in which corrupt despots ruled the masses with utter short-sighted greed and casted an illusion over the base population to keep the scam rolling along, until the end of the American empire, until the public driven economy came crashing down in a thunderous economic cloud of greed and corruption.

The smoke is still in our eyes, but the masses are beginning to see, to realize.

– - – - – - – - – - – -

V: National Emergency

Many middle class US citizens don’t realize all of this yet, I understand their lack of action and confusion because I have also been bred as a middle class American in the propaganda system known as the US mainstream media, but I’m writing this to let you know…

Our survival instinct has to quickly override our conditioned naiveté and passivity that has been bred into us. We are threatened as a country and a species at the same time.

We, as a nation, must overcome heavy doses of propaganda administered by the mainstream media for hours a day, every day of our existence. Shake off your conditioned naiveté and passivity. This is a brutal world we live in, and we are now at war…

The American dream state is over. It’s time to get real, time to sound the alarm.

I am of the sincere hope that we will be able to rise up as a counterweight to the economic elite. In the overall scheme of things, history has placed us in a pivotal position. We are a vital countervailing force to the economic elite and must immediately start exercising our rights of redress.

People throughout the world understand that the US middle class has to serve as a counterweight to an economic cartel that has brought humanity to a breaking point.

The economic elite also understand this, this is why they have launched a war on us.

Now that our existence is directly threatened as well, people are awaking from a propagandized existence and realizing the gravity of our crisis.

We must sound the alarm and discard our illusions.

It is time to evolve from a state of “Hope” to a state of “Action.”

We desperately need intelligent leadership, free from the shackles of the banking cartel.

We, as a nation, cannot continue to settle for the politics of corruption. We must begin by addressing the root cause of our troubles and hold accountable those directly responsible for the greatest theft of wealth in history.

We must flood the halls of Congress; we must engage our House of Representatives and begin to rein in the economic elite.


Economic justice is possible, it may be hard to believe here in the US, but a nation of law is still possible. It is possible only if YOU begin to act.

We are 99% of the population, they are only 1%.

The outcome is not assured; we must start organizing on a mass scale.

Take your plight to your representative. SOUND THE ALARM!

We must understand “the fierce urgency of now!

The Critical Unraveling of U.S. Society: We are in a NATIONAL EMERGENCY


~ AmpedStatus Report

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  1. David McElroy said:

    About the “Unraveling of US Society”… Americans are spending what funds they have left to arm themselves and stock up on food and commodities because they are not stupid. They are being robbed and they know the banksters have the best congress money can buy in the District of Criminals. Government openly declares population reduction to be a goal, and of course dead people don’t collect on Social Security, Medicare, or pension funds they paid into for many years. Those funds are now missing because they were stolen, and the lack of plaintiffs helps the criminals avoid becoming defendants. Beware vaccines and mandatory “healthcare”! Government can fool some of the people all the time, all the people some of the time, but it can’t fool all of us all the time. And a lot of us are wise to their deceits, thefts, and murders. Corruption has evolved to where politicians don’t even pretend to be honest anymore! It is time to refresh the tree of liberty!

  2. Jeff said:

    David and Amped Team,

    GREAT WORK! This is an amazing job of reporting here. If we had a real news media, this would be the lead story!

    THANK YOU!!!!!

  3. Erica said:

    I don’t know what is more mind boggling: the fact that this is happening right now, or the fact that the news media, including the progressive news sites, don’t seem to be reporting on this except for in passing. Can there be any more important news than this?

    I think you hit the nail on the head: “We are living in an insane asylum.”

  4. Joost said:

    I just spent the past two hours going over this report – in the middle of my work day too. This is an amazing piece of journalism… real, actual, journalism. Could you image if this was a front page story on the NY Times?

  5. D.L. said:

    Good work…but you lost me when you brought up the BS issue of Global Warming! Don’t you realize Al Gore made a big deal about this just to prop up his “green company” shares and become very rich on the BS cap and trade bill? Why are you being a tool for these “green” oligarchs? Sorta cancels out the great work in the rest of the report. Too bad.

  6. Les Visible said:

    Powerfully done. major kudos!!!

  7. Karen said:

    I think people are more aware than you think. People are quietly getting ready–but make no mistake, we are all getting ready and we are doing our best to WAKE UP those family members and friends who still do not get it. We know our government is against us and not working FOR us as they should. We know they are the enemy.

    What lifts my heart is walking into a gun store on a Saturday afternoon and seeing it packed FULL of people getting ready. None of us are going down without a fight. We know we are in this together without speaking a word to each other.

    It’s just too bad that the elites cannot think of what they have as enough when what they have is so excessive. I do not think it will end well for any of them.

  8. Neddy said:

    Good article but I agree with DL above. Global warming is the biggest part of the scam.

    See what Lord Moncton has to say on you tube

  9. Khephra said:

    Great, incisive analysis! The section on environmentalism seemed weakest of all. Like others, I encourage you to dig deeper into this domain.

    • “The Green Scam” (
    • “Environmental Consensus: A Shared Hallucination” (
    • “Polar Bear Propaganda” (
    • “Environmental Propaganda” (


    That quibble aside, thank you, again, for the provocative essay. :)

  10. Tony Lynch said:

    One of the most obvious signs of the unraveling of the USA is, of course, the fear of the real that manifests itself so beautifully in the Climate Change “skepticism” to be found above. You poor guys don’t have a chance…

  11. god said:

    it is true the the rest of the first world population is counting on the middle class americans to fight for us. when you wake up we will wake up when you fight and kill we will fight and kill
    when you no longer live the lie we will see the truth
    but really global warming and billion for bore and his friends and less for you

    get some balls people

  12. Pam Green said:

    Thank you, David. I’ve read every one of the articles in your Economic Death Squad series, and forwarded them widely. I agree with Erica above that it is most astonishing, and demoralizing, that even the so-called progressive media is ignoring the immensity and urgency of this crisis! The details in your reports are riveting. But one mystery to me is that $1.6 million donation to Obama’s campaign from the University of California! Now the UC system is nearly bankrupt; can you comment on the logic or motives of this outrageous contribution, paid for, I’d imagine, in higher tuitions, staff layoffs etc.? UCLA Library can’t even afford to subscribe to some of the major scientific journals anymore! Was this contribution made secretly? Were state taxes indirectly tapped for this extravagance?

  13. woody188 said:

    Pretty good but like others have mentioned you have yet to tie the Global Warming scam with the globalist agenda. Green taxes are to fund the global government.

  14. stephen said:

    Many facts posted in this article are being held up by strong opinions. How should one react to this piece of “journalism?” With fear? A sense of helplessness? It’s articles like this that scare people into overreacting. The economy is not the best it’s ever been, but I can still buy exotic fruit at the grocery store in cold cold November. I can feed myself and my family. The train is still running, and the mail man still delivers my bills. Many people criticize the main stream media (rightfully so) for having a biased opinion. Well this article seems to be quite opinionated, furthermore; many of the statistics seem to have been taken from mass media resources.

    So, who thinks Obama’s doing a bad job as president? Try to be the leader of the free world while everyone’s standing with their hand out. Whoever wrote this would probably complain a lot if they were president. My favorite is the graph at the top of the article with everything moving down. Where did that come from? And does it mean anything?

    A final thought-
    To those people who don’t believe that global warming is real: Who cares if it’s real or not? We all know it’s wrong to throw trash on the ground and cut down miles of forest. Does someone need to tell you the world is going to end to stop you from polluting? Jeez, it’s like everyone’s missing the point.

  15. Rob Burns said:

    This article provides an overview of the ‘state of affairs’ and provides a succinct analysis of where the ‘Republic’ is and the lack of MSM attention to the most grim and dire scenario ever to face the US and indeed the world. The last US president who actually stood up and tried to govern for the people was JFK who did many things but two significant ones were the adoption of US government notes of around $4Billion on issue thus trying to break the monopoly of the Fed, and secondly the breaking up of the CIA which is now a body unto itself with a known reputation as the world’s largest drug dealer. The known magnitude of deep and endemic corruption within the Congress and Senate counterparts has to be the definitive reason to say ‘no taxation without representation’ and I suspect the arming of US citizens and the lack of supplies of ammunition would tend to speak of the last act of desperate citizens who are now beginning to wake up to the non representation of all arms of the government in what is by any definition ‘fascist’.

    I agree with Mr McElroy that ALL Americans whether military or civil authorities must take back the Republic for which they swore an oath to protect it from all enemies both foreign and domestic. The smoke and mirrors of ‘war on terror’ only makes for the arrogance of those pulling the strings behind the scenes so much more transparent as we now see the endgame is for an elite and the rest of us as slaves to their will. Time for not just an American revolution but indeed a global one.

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  17. jim said:

    stephen, Obama is NOT the leader of the free world!!!!!!

    He’s your useless shit-eating president, but not mine!

  18. Rena said:

    Yes I agree with your information, and I would love to take ACTION as you suggest. But contacting government representatives will do nothing, because they are bought and owned by the rich. We have no voice, because they will not listen. Government is all an illusion. A good example of this is the hugh public out cry when they passed the bail out bills. At that time I called, wrote, and faxed almost daily along with a lot of other americans. Our representatives did as they pleased and what they were told to do by the rich, they did not listen to us. Look at health care, they are also going to shove that down our throats, wait and see. We have already lost our country because most of us are acting like sheepel. Our only hope is to get organized by neighborhoods, towns, and cities. But will this happen, no because we do not have the want, to do it. Were is the leadership we need to get this done? It is already too late, we will just contiune with the decline until we are all homeless and and hearded into camps to die. We better enjoy the time we have right now, because this will end soon.

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  20. C-Dawg said:

    Agree with everything but the climate change section. The truth is that the entire solar system including our sun is undergoing change. Our planet’s magnetosphere has altered and is full of holes. The sun has had almost no sunspot activity for years and scientists are baffled. This is the key contributor to our planets change. There is no doubt that humans contribute to this change thru pollution etc. but it is debatable the extent of our impact. I do believe we should find ‘green’ solutions and reduce our imprint but even if we stopped tomorrow, climate change would continue. TPTB are exploiting this to make even more $ and gain more control.

  21. Vance said:

    Ron Paul 2012 and American Tea Party citizens for office ONLY in city, state and federal government or each state should secede in order to survive.

  22. Vance said:

    Throw congress out in 2010 elect Ron Paul 2012 and American Tea Party citizens for office ONLY in city, state and federal government or each state should secede in order to survive.

    In the mean time like David and Karen voiced arm yourselves and stock up on food and commodities.

  23. profnasty said:

    The core issues of america’s sickness have not been addressed. 1. Who placed bombs in the World Trade Center? 2. Mexican ‘work dogs’ will continue to flood into this “country” until they can make more money in Mexico. 3. The Fed is part of the World Bank Establishment and is bent on looting the US Treasury. 4.The Pentagon is a Money Toilet which has greatly contributed to america’s bankruptsy. It risks life and limb to protect foreign borders as America’s borders have been surrendered. 5. Israel is the defacto ruler of the american Quasi Nation. Amen.

  24. kikz said:

    um….. as to the trillions stolen… missing..

    why didn’t the author mention rummy’s tv appearance on 9/10/01…. how quickly it’s forgotten… 2+trillion with a T, was missing from the Pentagon under/on dov zakheim’s watch.

    this crap didn’t begin last year folks..and it didn’t begin then.

  25. Hank said:

    Succinct and bang on. It’s the waking up part that confuses most however. Let me try and help here. Contacting your representative is useless, and amounts to letting the enemy know what you are planning. As has been stated, they are bought and paid for. Every one of them knows what happened on 911 and has chosen to perpetuate the lie and sweep it under the carpet, and will continue to do so, because they are now, all guilty after the fact. Oh, and they know we are well armed. THAT is our only remaining hope. At this point, only direct action will save us, because the mechanism of government has been stolen, and no longer represents. Our only hope is to seize our constitutional right to get rid of a government that no longer represents, and elect a completely new one. The only way that happens is with a million man, second amendment march to washington, where we the people not so politely invite our entire government to vacate our houses, from the capital to the white house. Until we the people get the courage to do THAT, the economic death machine that has taken over our country will continue. We have two choices: stand up and fight or bend over and take it.

  26. Junious Ricardo Stanton said:

    “Take your plight to your representative. SOUND THE ALARM!”

    This is a well written and informative piece you have indeed sounded the alarm loudly. However, in most cases “our representatives” are already bought, sold, compromised, white mailed or totally compromised. The question is, who do you call where do you go for redress? For the most part deeply entrenched incumbents do not fear the people because they know they can rig elections to keep themselves in office for years. The courts are becoming increasingly corrupt, the political system local, state and federal are based on money and media approval/exposure that the average person cannot raise or access. The gap between the super rich and the rest is widening daily and they are determined to protect their corporate monopolies and death-grip on the masses.
    We have to get back to basics, start your own organic garden, organize a community food co-op, begin to assert yourself and establish means for alternative ways to do business like barter, skills/service exchange. Arrange your budget and finances with the goal toward getting out of debt and scale back on your spending. Worst case scenario organize grass roots strategies for your own security, survival and sanity. The struggle is just beginning, prepare yourself!
    Junious Ricardo Stanton

  27. Kelli said:

    Hank – Well said! I’m with you 100% an armed march to D.C. is the only thing that we can do at this point. Guess I should get a gun! Al Gore is making millions from global warming, notice how it changed to ‘climate change’ when the earth started cooling. Yes we should stop polluting the earth, yes we should find alternative energy methods but ‘cap and trade’ and carbon credits/more taxes are a scam!!!! They are using us!!!!

  28. dwill said:

    Nice piece, except that is does not go deep enough. I am hopeless with regard to the future of this country. I am dismayed at folks who simply think that an armed uprising will take this country back (as if they ever had it). Our education system has raised people upon half truths and omissions so that they actually believe in the benevolence of this country. They look to the founding fathers as if they were apostles. They were the elite, highly educated and land owners (and owners of white and black slaves). They did not want the general populations to vote. So they invented ways to lessen the power of mob rule. So how can you take back what you never had. And do you really believe the the result of any revolution would be any better. If you do, please study or read anything regarding Bosnia, for that is exactly what would result. Sure it is fun to glamorize a Hollywood ending, but that is not what would happen. Please just observe the people around you. I believe in goodness of people, but their is a potential evil that can come out of even the best of us and war and conflict usually bring these things to the surface.

    In Bosnia the militia were made up of drinking buddies with guns who with their newfound power went and did anything they wanted, took anything they wanted, killed people for sport, raped girls and women when they got the urge. Just look at your neighbors. Do you honestly think that when they take over the country they would not enrich themselves also. Would they appoint their family and friends? Would deep seated prejudices come out in their policies. Porn is the US hidden shame, billions are made on this debasing desire. What would these addicted people do when they get power and authority? Will you as a women feel safe, what about your young daughters? Just watch ‘To Catch a Predator.’ We are infested with people who commit murders, slaughters every day on video games. They enjoy gory movies that do unimaginable things to people. If they get a chance to do it for real, would they? Altered minds on drugs prescription and otherwise. Look even the tea party groups can’t get along, suppose they had guns and territory? Can people soaked in me-ism really do something for the greater good? Even now this is possible, just think of what we could do for others? We could eliminate infant malnutrition for the cost of one military aircraft. If anyone would propose such a thing the evening news would be filled with politicians and everyday folks decrying about ‘big government.’

    There is so much good that could be done it is mind boggling, yet a nation of Christians would not tolerate it, they would not be able to by the 52′ TV.

    So I say the article did not go deep enough, because we are the mire out of which our politicians and bankers and elite come from. Who taught these folks when they were babies. They’re not aliens. And if you were in those shoes, would you really say, ‘hey I have enough money, i don’t need to go to Europe for vacation. Would you really? Are you doing it now? Ron Paul has been talking this way for years, nobody cared, as long as they were getting their share who care about others or the constitution.

    The US economy has been bad for decades, it has only been by means of wars and schemes out of the mind of the elites that has kept the ship afloat this long. Now there are no more schemes, we are indebted. Obama is the scapegoat.

  29. Joost said:

    It looks like some of the comments here are from potential militants. If we give up on trying to influence congress, then you are talking eventual violence.

  30. mike said:

    GREAT PIECE! glad to see people are finally starting to get hip to this site!! AMPED )))

  31. The Critical Unraveling of U.S. Society…

    The economic elite have launched an attack on the U.S. public and society is unraveling at an increased rate. You may have missed it in the mainstream news media, but statistical societal indicators are reading red across the board. Before exposing the…

  32. Tito Roman said:

    In Brazil, we have been having, and have had, a very similar deception, if not greater!

    In the ‘hope’ of a ‘radical change’, we have surprisingly elected, over 7 years ago,
    a ‘true’ leader, with an ‘operary background’ as a ‘poor worker’, who promised not to pay anymore the criminal external debt our nation is asked to pay and fight the Elite.

    We have been struggling several decades, spending a significant part of our income every year only to pay the INTERESTS of this unpayable debt, but NEVER EVER being abble to pay the debt, per si, which only grows higher. It is, every school children with access to information learns, a ‘disguised’ slavery state, with no reasonable perspective of going out, in the way we are going in.

    Lula promised, in his campaign, not to pay it anymore and ‘to the hell with the Big Financial Sharks’! We elected him, knowing a big struggle was awaiting, and the majority of people were ready to support him in that.

    A few days after his election, we have learned the Sad Truth, the same you have been learning, with this ‘promise of Change’ nicknamed Obama.

    He not only did not quit paying our debts…
    but has increased the payment of this non-sense ever-increasing-debt, which could be very usefull if applied otherwise in our contry, but has no utility at all in the way it is used.

    This debt, and your own debt, as you know,
    Is like throwing water in the Sun, in the hope of turning it off.
    While it could be used in a helpfull way to end the thirst of all of us.

    But, in truth, this water is poisonned
    And just like the continual and natural flow of life would eventually heal a poisonned River,
    It is kept poisonned only by our continuous renewal of it’s poison and it ‘poisonness’ every moment, every day, as ill routines are set.

    We can either wait for all the poisonners, the conscious and unconscious ones, to die by their own poisonning and poison consumming, which could mean several-of-ourselves-and-our-acquaintances-everywhere-around-the-world’s death

    Or, somehow, to stop poisonning at all.

    Brothers, Sisters, we are in the desert, a sand storm is coming,
    and most of the charges we’ve been carrying on our backs is not needed
    It may feel like a loss if you think about the future and get worried of everything you could be doing with what you have right now and may lose, or what you don’t have and might get,
    But it is the greatest Relief if you get the real situation: that we really are in a desert, it won’t last forever, as you know it right now, and that this sand storm well describbed here can be seen already, in the horizon.

    You could be much better in your skin with less weight, and more confidence in what is weightless.

    Our not-so-dear President Lula, before, used to bark like a big Dogweiller, and now, he roll his eyes like a gentle Chihuahua to the same Big Sharks which are pulling his marionette strings, and people here are used to it, and, I believe, now, already unconsciously hopeless of any change to come.

    It was THE time.

    It just won’t happen again, at least, in the means of Democracy.

    Some, out of desilusionment, couldn’t believe, and were expecting him to be just playing Strategies, in order to avoid an immediate crisis, and to, in a few years, start the big revolution that was expected.

    It’s just the same deception, and you are not alone.

    Let’s be reasonable and forget about miraculous Leaders
    In order for someone to be a ‘mass-leader’, in such a populated world, he would need the support of the media, or at least the non-hypnotizing-interference of it, and such a man could only become, sooner or later, a puppet, a demon in our own media-lized eyes, or a corpse.

    The very energy spent on searching or hoping for external leaders and external solutions, could be used to search and elect this internal, equanimous, leader, for those who spend energy at all in such searches.

    In such a situation, politics, wherever it comes, is not reliable, economics is not reliable,
    the only reliable thing can be our needlessness of relying on anything, except that which we can carry without weight.

  33. Harry said:

    Blah blah blah! Seemed like an interesting article at first, but then it drifted off into opinion instead of facts. You better read the papers from MIT on global climate change and global warming. While I agree climate change is happening, it is not caused by us humans. Are we, humans, affecting the other planets too? Reports of climate changes on planets in our solar system are available. Sheesh! Look at the science, please! This piece started turning into a propaganda piece for the NWO as soon the author started accusing the US of not wanting to sign any legally binding deals in Copenhagen. Sorry people, but as an American, I will not have any Commissar over my freedoms or our Constitution. If you are smart, then I suggest you do the same for your country too. Things are going to get rough ’cause the elitists want the US to fall into the fold. But understand this, the administration will bow down, but us freedom loving souls in this country will die before we bow to anyone in this world. Liberty or death!

  34. John said:

    We are a nation of bigoted selfish individuals who condemn the elite class for acting like us all. The first step toward salvation is to build a communal bond among citizens without discrimination since the true strength of the elite is in dividing the public so we are easy to conquer. Notice on television it is race against race, generation against generation, man against woman, social groups against social groups, religion vs. religion etc. to destroy the fabric of society and make us alienated caged individuals. We don’t know our neighbors or ourselves. If we can come together as one nation we stand a chance. Otherwise those fearsome gun owners will each be expecting a 3 am visit from Blackwater, inc. and it won’t be pretty (a la Katrina). We must hang together or we’ll all hang seperately.

  35. Jeff Little said:

    the sky is falling, the sky is falling!!!!

  36. Jack said:

    When the country collapses, and the dollar is worthless, the rich will have dethroned themselves better than we ever could – the public is preparing themselves for this eventuality. America’s will be a slow death, but this is the way the world ends: not with a bang… but with a whimper.

  37. Kelli said:

    I don’t want to see violence erupt, what I want to see is an armed march to D.C. and a citizen’s arrest of the guilty. Should I throw some names out or do we all know who I am referring to? Then it’s off to Texas to find Bush. Where is Donald Rumsfeld these days? He’s just disappeared and rode off into the sunset. Karl Rove too!

    I know it will never happen but it’s a great dream!

  38. Alex said:

    The article can say that we must “sound the alarm and discard our illusions” and yet suggest that we “Take your plight to your representative”? That has the definite political content of pressuring the Democrats (or Republicans).

    No change will come from a single one of them. They are a collection of corporate thugs and liars. As far as anyone advocates appealing to them, trusting them in the slightest, that is how far the solution to the problems outlined here has been retarded.

    The great task will be for the American working class to break from the *both parties of the financial elite*, turn its face toward the most powerful social force on Earth, the *international* working class, and to build a party based on a socialist program. There are no quick or easy answers, but also no answers besides this. Read, please.

  39. Fantastic summary of the present delusions and the troubles ahead.

  40. [...] The Critical Unraveling of U.S. Society [...]

  41. A. Servant said:

    From Slaves Anonymous Situation by Servant:

    “Although our centralized system of corporate governance has hurt us and our ancestors over many decades and centuries, we are ignorant of the many tens of thousands of malevolent actions that have been planned and executed against us. If the results were random accidents, why hasn’t there been a preponderance of wonderful results with an occasional atrocious one instead of just the reverse? Have you seen enough of this system rigged against our liberty to know that we must take a stand to protect future generations, our loved ones and ourselves?

    “Our dissenting voices are ignored by the mass media, and our real needs are denied by the powerful. The media and school systems have trained us to expect and revere answers from ‘experts’ and to ignore our ability to envision for ourselves. To keep us distracted from facing the reality of our predicament, the media presents mesmerizing, staged theater between political gangs who are paid by the same masters and their proxies. Please don’t be conned by their antics into hoping for a savior to create a ‘solution’ that will dissipate the accumulated ills. And please don’t wait for a centralized solution to be provided; historically, what you will receive won’t be in your best interest. Are you ready to organize your local community to act?”

    Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License

    Join Slaves Anonymous …

  42. Mike said:

    It understand your words to be true. Global warming, why not. Why not? And remember, the auto industry lobbied congress for inefficiency and here we are bailing them out. And to see the stance many of your readers have taken. This I can’t quite grasp. I don’t get ‘plunder’ and all of these things. Real quick. Somalia was hit w/ a shock back in ’91′. Today is a is one of the worse countries on the planet. The capital, Mogadishu had approx 7,000 murders in ’07′, one city. This is not my opinion. So when you speak of the paradox of arming one’s self, I have to wonder, where have I heard this? And it is written that the world is sitting on a powder keg. Any day now we shall have a dead planet, a point of no return. Then what, repatriate the $$$$$$$? There is one way out, the ‘Golden Rule’.

  43. [...] The Critical Unraveling of  U.S. Society   (David DeGraw) [...]

  44. joebanana said:

    Most excellent, the ducks look much different when all lined up. We American’s really need to put a stop to this madness. We have the DUTY to remove a tyrannous government, and replace it with a just one, by force if necessary. It is time, the level of corruption, and destruction of our rights and liberties, by an enemy within, has got to be stopped. These “elected leaders” are criminals, every damn one of them, they must be dragged from their offices and be punished, our judicial system is dysfunctional beyond hope, we must administer justice. This is a critical situation, action by the people is the only thing that can stop this cancer on society, the old system is dead, and is now harmful, and dangerous, just as any terrorist regime. Haven’t we, as American’s, had enough of this piss poor excuse for a government? This isn’t a government, it’s a criminal cartel. Obama is what’s known as a bull shit artist, he’s no leader, his entire political experience consists of getting ONE bill passed in his name, ONE. We can’t afford to let him finish his term, look at the damage he’s done in one year, three more is unacceptable. Not one campaign promise, as this fine work by David points out, has been fulfilled, in fact he’s done a complete 180 on a lot of his campaign spewin’.

  45. Frugalvoter said:

    The posts just read indicate many from different view points KNOW we are approaching a crossroad.
    I am both relieved and distraught. Relieved that all viewpoints here have come to the same conclusion. Corruption abounds, elite scoundrels partnering with government officials plan to squeeze every bit of money and what’s left of personal power from every citizen! Then no doubt they would turn on each other. We can not wait for that. Expose, Teach, Be Ever Vigilant, Prepare, Plan for a nonviolent revolt. Withdraw support of those damning us. Organized tax revolt perhaps. Taxes filed at state level only perhaps. What some of us still have is the money or land or power THEY want. Vote everyone OUR every chance. There are a few who have not become part of the plan, find them, support them. Let us not die with a whimper over a long period of time but resist, resist, resist! SOCIALISM IS NOT THE ANSWER! Socializm is not the answer but a step toward dictatorship.

  46. Stewart said:

    OK, this is what is going on. What can be done?
    Let the internet fix America.

    Workable. Pass it on.

  47. jimbo said:

    The easiest non violent and effective way to bring down the goons is to with draw all money from stocks, banks and bonds. The goons depend on the fractional reserve banking system. Check out chrismartenson for more details. Buy gold, silver, ammo, guns and food. Try to grow as much food at home as possible. Get to know the neighbors and be aware.

  48. PD Allen said:

    Concerning the Critical Unraveling of US Society

    I recommend everyone read the report the Critical Unraveling of US Society. It will not take long to read. It is chilling.

    Many of us have been following these data and reports for some time. The author has done a brilliant job of summarizing. The picture he paints is disturbing, to say the least.

    One serious omission is the failure to mention energy depletion. It is now clear that crude oil production has peaked and overall energy production will follow it into decline. The International Energy Organization, the institution charged with assessing our energy profile, is aware of this and has covered it up on the behest of powerful players, mostly within the US.

    Energy depletion means that from now on the global energy budget will contract, and the global economy with it. Just as we are faced with global ecological catastrophe, the resources and wealth necessary to deal with this catastrophe has begun an irreversible decline.

    When you add energy depletion into the picture, it is hard to avoid the conclusion that the looting of the US economy & the global economy is intentional. The elite are arranging it so the will remain on top on the way down, keeping the rest of us beneath them to cushion the landing.

    Aside from its failure to take energy depletion into account, the report falters in its conclusion. The author asks us all to contact our members of Congress. This after making it clear that our political system has been bought off.

    We must recognize that our system of representative democracy in government and owner-run capitalism is fundamentally flawed. And we have reached the point where these flaws are leading to a systemic failure.

    You cannot have a democratic government, and certainly not a representative democracy, while maintaining a dictatorial workplace and market. You wind up either with overregulation or fascism. And the US is heading for the latter.

    The author of the report is quite correct in stating that the hopes of the world depend on the US middle class to serve as a counterweight to the economic cartel that has brought humanity to the breaking point. This is what scares me the most.

    100 years ago, the US populous would have risen up to protect their jobs, their wages and their benefits. They may even have demanded an end to the dictatorship of business. Radical labor organizations like the IWW would have grown strong.

    But the IWW was broken a century ago. Radical labor was mowed under in favor of business unions that would not seriously buck the system. And radicals of all stripes persecuted and painted by the red scare.

    The US populous has been indoctrinated against the left. They have been taught to equate freedom and liberty with a free market. They have been taught that communism does not work, casually lumping together socialism and libertarian communism together with totalitarian communism. Many do not even know what communism is. Nor do they appreciate that their ‘savior’, Jesus of Nazareth, advocated a form of spiritual communism.

    They are indoctrinated by Ayn Rand, while they have never heard of Kropotkin or Emma Goldman. They idolize the rich and famous, while failing to remember the Haymarket Martyrs or others who died to give them what rights they have.

    I have written about the sort of changes we need to return us to a quality of life. And I have looked at other countries in collapse and how the people have responded by working together, forming barter markets, and seizing the factories that were being closed down. This is what we did in the Great Depression, we helped each other.

    But now workers laid off by GM and other employers would not dream of seizing the tools of their industry and demanding their rights to the tools of their labor. We have been taught the supremacy of competition and of placing ourselves first. And we have been taught to fear and blame others for our problems – so long as those others are at our economical level or below us.

    I fear for what is to come because the US public is so heavily indoctrinated and misinformed. Instead of joining radical unions, we join militias. Instead of blaming the 1% at the top who are robbing us of our wealth, we blame the Arabs, the Mexicans, and the blacks.

    And you can bet that is exactly what the economic cartel wants us to do. Reactionary militias can be useful. Either they can be used as the muscle in a fascist dictatorship, as in Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, or they can be vilified and used to scare the populous into supporting a police state.

    The people currently have no viable option on the left. As I have told the Relocalization Movement, if they did grow strong enough to have a chance of changing the system, they would be met with brutal repression.

    Just look at the only leftist movement in the US that has gained popularity over the last couple decades. Since 9-11, they have been identified as the #1 domestic terrorist threat. They have been labeled as ecoterrorists and are rigorously prosecuted for their crimes against property. Even though the FBI says that right-wing militias and religious fundamentalists present a far greater threat of violence against civilians.

    Let’s face it, in the past year the banksters have mugged our nation, the insurance mob has defeated meaningful health care, and the oil interests have persuaded the majority of the public that global warming is a hoax. Meanwhile the most vocal populist movements to arise this year are the teapartiers, the birthers and the protest against socialized medicine, all of which are steered and misinformed by the economic elite who are using them to insure their right to rob us blind.

    Meanwhile, the majority of the US middle class remains quiescent and complacent.

    So where do we go from here?

  49. dan said:

    I read comments to see what people think, and then I think, what are we thinking. If we arm ourselves, who will be the enemy? In a polarized society, who is correct and who needs to be corrected? When we buy ammo, does that make the rich even richer because they have invested in guns and ammo? There are many here that are not concerned about the environment, where does their food come from? The complexities of the world are arranged by our separate agendas, and we each see the world differently. The way we expect the world to be, may not matter if there is a massive restructuring of society. In a world where food matters, guns may get food for a while, but if no one can grow it, you can’t steal it. Drinking polluted water may harbor surprises. If you think you can eat money or gold, enjoy. If you march on Washington carrying guns, make sure there are many ahead of you. The ethic of reciprocity is unique in that the assumptions are that if we are only individuals, we may die that way, as a group, we may have a better chance of survival, the question is: What group of people will be more inclined to enhance your chance of survival?

  50. terry said:

    An Armed Citizenry!? What a joke! They’ll knock your house down in a tank and crush you as you empty your ak 47!!!! Helicopters!!! Bombs, shoulder launched grenades, chemical weapons! Ha! An armed citizenry, doesn’t stand a chance! We’re done for people, RIP, USA.

  51. Jonathan said:

    For the anti climate change group: Imagine that scientists have got it all wrong and that we are now in a period of global cooling. Imagine that they are completely wrong about the concerns of releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Imagine that we wrongly follow these scientists and create transportation that runs without generating tons of smog; that we find energy sources that do not require drilling a particularly messy substances out of the ground; that we do some work to control world population; that we change the economic model to depend on greater ingenuity instead of more people to support GDP growth; that we quit filling the oceans with vast amounts of waste.

    Imagine that we do all of these things and learn later on that we were completely wrong; that we actually had plenty of oil and we could have burnt it as fast and as long as we wanted; that the ocean somehow would naturally recycle our trash; and that unchecked population would not damage this planet whatsoever. Would it be all that bad if we had made that mistake?

    To Terry: “An Armed Citizenry!? What a joke! They’ll knock your house down in a tank and crush you …” They certainly will if you come at them with an AK47. I am not advocating, but if it comes down to it; the general population will win this war against the elites. It is almost a foregone conclusion for two reason: 1) the US Military will not shoot at the general US public; 2) We know who many of the elite are. They do not know who is going to come after them.

    With that said, I do not think it will come down to that. Our representatives in Congress, no matter how captured they are, will break with the elite or they will at least carve up some scape goats rather than deal with violent civil unrest.

  52. Jonathan said:

    Tito: I think your misgivings about Lula are unfounded. Brasil is doing fantastic compared to just a few years ago. It is making all the right moves. That is why Lula has to try a 1% tax on foreign investment. Money is looking for safe havens and Brasil is considered one of those havens.

    Your suggestion that he simply repudiate debt is not such an easy choice. In fact, for Brasil it would be a mistake.

    “Brazil’s gross domestic product (GDP) growth has brought foreign debt as a percentage of GDP down from 42 percent in 2002 to 12 percent in 2008. This is not to say that the picture of Brazil’s debt structure is entirely rosy, as Brazil’s total net public debt remains at 37 percent of GDP”

    Are you kidding me? Brasil is straight up kicking.

  53. dmay1 said:


  54. The Vicar said:

    This has boiled down to one cause! We are not represented in the house. The elite play the long game. In 1911 the house, set to tripple in size (435 to well over 1200.) Did not want to share it’s power with the other ethnic types. Capped it’s membership at 435. Our republic has been going down hill since. Washing said while argueing the cause of 30,000 people per house member said. “The smaller the constiuancy the less chance of the seed of coruption taking root.”
    With each house member representing an adverage of 770,000 people. Coruption has not only takin root but flurished. for more info.

  55. Erik Larson said:

    Thanks for this very informative and well-sourced summary. Considering that most of our “representatives” are owned by the corporate/elite oligarchy, I think We the People need to do more than contact them- although that needs to be done.

    The State of North Dakota is the only one in the Union with a State-owned bank- it’s also the only with low unemployment and no budget shortfall. Why are We the People paying interest on the national debt to bond holders and the privately-owned Fed banks when the Constitution authorizes Congress to coin money? The Constitution does authorize Congress to borrow money- but why did they outsource the power to print money and control economic policy to a secretive and unaccountable cabal of corrupt private bankers? Cuz it was good for the country? No, cuz it’s good for the do nothing productive bankers- and look where it’s got us.

    Nationwide there needs to be action to get State-owned banks on the ballot, and to abolish the Federal Reserve. These people need to be in prison and kept out of high office for life, not raking in billions on the backs of the new and old poor.

    Take the Power to Create Credit Away from the Giant Banks and Give It Back to the People

  56. said:

    The Critical Unraveling of U.S. Society…

    The economic elite have launched an attack on the U.S.
    public and society is unraveling at an increased rate….

  57. Frank Thoughts said:

    All the morons buying guns and ammo are doing exactly what the elite wants. Not only are you buying these things from corporations (owned by the elite) but you are playing into their plans. They want some nutcases to start a civil war so they have an excuse to really crack down.

    In a time of crisis, the worst thing you can do is buy an AK47 and turn it on your neighbours. The best thing you can do is to band together with your neighbours, build alternate economies and networks. Bypass the state and the elite’s corporations. Look at social and political history: countries where people worked together and built networks, had mostly peaceful political change. Countries, like Lebanon, that fractured into armed factions, had decades of civil war and death.

  58. patto said:

    News of global cooling is a bit premature. Oh, lovely article, by the way! Thank you for writing it. In September I edited an article on global warming to be published in an Indian journal by a Professor at Tsukuba University in Japan (go on–tell me he’s part of a global conspiracy! I want a good laugh.) He says that the global average temperature in June of this year (i.e., the latest data available at the time of writing) hit a record high. The talk of a solar maximum having passed gave me and others some hope that the warming might slow a bit, but that is not what the data show.
    The talk of “global change” rather than “warming” was in response to uneven distribution of a variety of changes occurring due to overall warming, which were expected to bring colder, rainier weather to some localities despite the global average being hotter. A consensus slowly built that the observed warming was anthropogenic. Dissenting theories are to be expected and respected, but from what I have read, the consensus still holds.
    Regardless, one thing I think we can agree on is that certain people have seen global warming as a chance, regardless of whether it is real or not, to cynically promote lucrative non-solutions such as the discredited ethanol scam. Their abuse of science should not lead people to disregard warnings from concerned, financially disinterested scientists. Forewarned is fore-armed.

  59. William said:

    Ever wonder why tax rates are more for people who actually work for a living than on those have passive income such as interest, fees and rents? Ever wonder why the first million is the hardest to make? The answer is compound interest. People get a taste of it with their retirement accounts but it’s power is puny compared to what it is when taken to a large scale. People are waking up to how badly the disconnect has become. The first step to doing anything such as reforming a system is to realize there is a need to do it at all.

    Check out “Money as Debt” on YouTube. That is, before the elites make such footage illegal!

  60. Tina said:

    Why not a movement for campaign reform?
    This is not the first time America has seen public corruption. Consider the Progressive Movement.

  61. Arlys Murphy said:

    Capitalism is a greed based system. And it is destroying itself.

  62. dwill said:

    People are frustrated and without hope, this is not a good combination for uniting together, especially when the masses don’t care. As long as I have my health care, my job, my house who cares about those folks, who made mistakes and now are paying for it. That is how people behave. Unless it touches them then they react. I laugh (in frustration) at these folks who get interview and have no idea what the constitution says nor what it would mean for them under a strict interpretation of the constitution. If we go back to what the founders wanted we would have to undo many of the protections gained over the decades that these folks just don’t understand.

    They just allow a television personality to do their thinking for them (as they enrich themselves). People must understand that they are the cause of this countries collapse. You cannot say it was congress or the president. YOU voted for them! You share the responsibility. YOU wanted a war, two wars without paying for them. YOU wanted to give the wealthy tax cuts without paying for them. YOU wanted to give mama perscrition drugs without paying for them. Where were the protests 10 or 20 even 30 years ago. None, because you were getting yours.

    Do you care that in your name, your government went into South America and raped the countries their so that YOU could buy cheap products. Did YOU march on washington when you found out that human being were being locked into factories for long ours to make your clothes cheap for You. Where was the tea parties. What about when your government allows corporations to spray poisoned chemicals on crops in other lands that they ban here (which they then feed to you anyway). No YOU don’t care because your fruits are cheap.

    What about when Your CIA overthrows a leader in an Arab state who would not allow american oil companies in, because he wanted to use the oil revenues to improve the lives of his people. But instead with surprise you ask ‘Why do they hate us?’

    Or did you continue to cheer on cue with politicians who parrot the slogan ‘US is the greastes nation on the face of the earth’ while the US slip from number one in many categories. I can’t think of living anywhere else. However I refuse to be blind.

    Their should be a national confession and a coming together to do whatever it takes to restore it;s financial house, even if that means higher taxes. It has to be paid! No one else will do it. Will this happen, of course not.

  63. Alex said:

    Socialism certainly is the answer to the problems outlined in the article. If you identify socialism with the dictatorship of an individual or a party, or as “the government taking all my stuff,” I wouldn’t completely blame you … Both the corporate interests and the Stalinist bureaucracy in the USSR had a vested interest in this comparison for sixty years.

    But it’s dead-wrong, and only benefits the elite. Don’t forget that Stalin killed nearly a million communists, and that his followers eventually reestablished capitalism. Don’t forget the Moscow Trials of the revolutionary leaders of 1917, or the GPU assassination of Trotsky.

    Socialism means the democratic control of the world economy according to a plan based on individual and collective need by the producers themselves. It is everything that the present system is not.

    *All history,* all human development ormthe Stone Age on, has been leading up to the periodic breakdowns of the capitalist system and to preparation of an international socialist society with a high standard of living for all, without war, with genuine equality. The system of national states can only deliver the next world war.

    Society functions according to its own laws, just as the physical and biological worlds do. We need to understand these laws in order to change society.

    What we need, more than anything, is an understanding of historical development among ordinary people. Nothing can be done without this. What were the lessons of the 1930s? Why wasn’t capitalism overthrown in Germany in 1918 or 1923? In Itlay in 1919? Spain in 1936? Was Stalinism in the USSR inevitable? Why did Hitler come to power in 1933? More Germans voted for the socialist and communist parties in the election where he came to power! Why didn’t these two parties unite to stop him? In the current climate, these are issues for today.

    A right-wing response will only lead to another gang of criminals at the top. There must be a left-wing, response to the breakdown of the system.

  64. David said:

    Hunker down is about all we can do. The damage has been done. It has not, though, been uncovered. When and/or if, someone manages to audit the Fed, they will find no money left in the cupboard and the entire world’s economy resting on a slim pillar of air. Once this pillar is uncovered, it will collapse. The planet will collapse with it. Obama was elected to turn this car around. But now it seems he was actually hired to put his foot to the accelerator. Can we impeach yet?

  65. dwill said:

    Funny. Every President could see the disaster since Nixon and every president kicked the can down the road. It is funny even comical to think that one man no matter who he is can change this collasal mess. Obama is also trying to kick the can down the road, it is just harder for him to do this since the economic collaspe has exposed us to the fact that the emperor has no clothes. (If people were really paying attention they would have known this since the 1970′s) Market tricks (for example Petrodollars and bubbles) and wars were the tools to kick the can down the road.

    But it is not just the American system that has been exposed, but also the American people and their lover affair with debt. I guess people need someone to blame, it is easier than looking into the mirror.

  66. [...] can read the rest of the report here. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)A Lost GenerationHoly [...]

  67. [...] Contents: ———————I: U.S. Societal Breakdown ———————II: Environmental Crisis ———————III: The Obama Myth [...]

  68. jimmykay said:

    It seems there are so many individuals and events to blame for the problems we face as humanity. So many fingers being pointed. My question is have you done everything you could to be well informed in all the areas which concern this whole world, not just the few, but all of us.
    It is time for a real shift in consciousness, a true letting go of the past and taking responsibility for what we have allowed to be created. Anyone of you are a fool to think that you do not have the power to make a difference and this is not the use of violence, everyone should know by now that violence has and never will work in fact it is the major cause of the world’s down fall.

  69. stevelaudig said:

    So the takeaway on the evolution of Reaganism is this: “Don’t let them kid you, we are not all in this together.” Wall Street, Bank Street, Insurance Street, Lobbyist Street, Wealthy Street are all aligned against Main Street and Poor Street.

  70. euthyfro said:

    Thank you, Alex, for making my point for me. Stalinism is not Communism. The USA needs a Workers party separate from either the Democrats or Republicans. It’s never been a better time to be a Trotskyist.

  71. dwill said:

    A lesson that man has never seemed to learn throughout history is that ‘no man is an island.’
    What a person choses to do affects others, in a positive way or a negative way. A husband cannot do whatever he wants, his wife and children are affected by what he does. A family cannot do whatever they want, a neighbor is affected by what they do. We are connected wheter we want to be or not.

    We are still feeling the affects of actions made by men centries ago. Indians will never forget. African Americans will never forget. All people in this country will never forget the action made by fellow citizens hundreds of years ago and it affects emotions. It would be nice if they could forget the painful memories of history. We affect each other. Our country affects other countries.

    In Iraq, American companies were allowed in to make money, sure they said they wanted to help the Iraqi people. Monsanto came with their patented seeds and and with Paul Bremers (the dictator) help, Order 81 set the basis for this company to do what they did to India’s farmers. Surely you know what was done in your name. Don’t be ignorant. Find out.

    If you believe in the Bible then you have to conclude that this is a false christian nation. Why? Because they do not even do what their leader told them to do. Love your neighbor as yourself. I would not want anyone to steal from me so I will not steal from anyone. Yet look at how we continue rape and pillage our neighbor nations.

    No man is an island.

  72. Bill said:

    Excellent article. Five Stars. It’s a shame that six people control 96% of the worlds media leaving the masses in the dark and clueless. This article is the TRUTH.

  73. The economic toll, I can handle. The absolute and complete spiritual and ethical poverty is the alarming part.
    America’s National Religion is Hatred.

  74. chumbawamba said:

    Wow. Not one mention of the wars that are currently draining the lifeblood out of our society. Not one.


  75. [...] The Critical Unraveling of U.S. Society Regardless of your beliefs, due to climate change, we are on the verge of experiencing major water shortages spreading “across the country. Sooner rather than later…” California has already been hit by extreme drought and water is in very short supply. As the Arctic continues to melt, California will continue to experience extreme drought. A new study revealed: “when Arctic sea ice disappears, the jet stream—high-altitude winds with a profound influence on climate—shifts north, moving precipitation away from California.” A recent “sweeping water-reform bill” in California temporarily eased public outcry, but the problem remains. The U.S. is confronted by a serious water crisis. [...]

  76. Aaron said:

    Under the Obama myth section the author challenges us to read what Obama has signed. I am going through his executive orders right now, the language is tough. Can anyone identify some of the key documents that I should direct my attention to.

  77. Mark said:

    It was a good article until I read that “one out of every two children, will need to use food stamps to eat.”

    To that I say balderdash! No way, no how. That puts every “fact” in the entire article into question. Just what is the agenda behind this rubbish?

    Sorry, but this crap doesn’t flush.

  78. jr said:

    Sorry Mark, but you’re the one full of crap. Try researching before you make a fool of yourself. The fact is one half of all American children will use food stamps at some time in their childhood. What’s your agenda, shill?

  79. jr said:

    You should be sorry jr, because you and this article are twisting “facts” into something that just isn’t true.

    Just because 51% of food stamp participants are children you can’t somehow twist that into what’s stated in this article.

    Even if, and it’s a very big IF, your statement of “… some time in their childhood …” were true. It’s worded in such a way as to make people believe that 50% of children – at one time – will need food stamps. That’s very misleading.

    I did read the link, and I question the study – BIG TIME.

  80. Bovine Scatterins said:

    David DeGraw, article is a crock of horse Spit, especially section II.

  81. Previous compensatory strategies for dealing with the demands of capitalism have taken many forms. Probably the most common are upgrading one’s skills through education or perhaps engaging in some form of entrepreneur activity. In a major economic contraction, the latter may make some sense while the former could be economically suicidal. Even education is becoming increasingly problematic as more forms of management and engineering expertise are outsourced. If you are over 50, your employment prospects are particularly gloomy – since you will be viewed as a long term liability. In this case, schooling will increase your debt while not improving your prospects.

    This then encourages us to consider some outside the box solutions. During the Great Depression, individuals were well aware that the world did not, and would not, owe them a living, (that the social contract was largely illusion). But coming out of a more independent and agrarian background, they were equipped with more basic survival skills. For example, if you couldn’t find a job, you might head out to the forests and do some gold panning. You could hunt deer and catch fish. And quite commonly, the most enterprising individuals set up stills and made their own moonshine. Many of these successful entrepreneurs became the leading families of the United States after the depression. For additional strategies, you might watch the TV series “Breaking Bad” (that is if you haven’t terminated your cable or satellite services).

    Looking even farther afield, we might speculate on the thesis, antithesis, and synthesis dialectic of Hegel. In this regard, the Montana Sanctuary is one synthesis resolution of the capitalistic dilemma. By becoming a “Guardian” member of the Sanctuary, you contribute and participate in the sanctuary’s structural resources. You may choose to live at the Sanctuary’s bunkhouse and participate in productive gardening activities or participate actively outside the compound as a Sanctuary Paladin. In this regard, the Sanctuary is similar to an open-ended Hutterite colony – but without any restrictive religious dogma. By joining, you immediately establish a stronger social-support network – and create a new social contract – over and above any implied ones into which you have been born. You will also benefit from both the resources and talents of the Sanctuary’s think tank for help in resolving your problems and implementing your solutions.

  82. Jeff said:

    Statistics are everywhere. The fact is if I wanted to earn a measly $100 today, I would have to jump through hoops. Luckily I have a retirement which pays the bills but I hardly have anything left over for emergency car repairs ect. Sure I could go get a job at Wally Mart or Micky Ds for $7 an hour but why should I. I would lose more in taxes and gas to drive back and forth besides I worked 30 years why should I have to work to the grave because of the elite thieves that are relaxing on the exotic beaches. My few Real Estate investments are not worth that much anymore due to Acorn and other programs that destroyed neighborhoods. The savings I had was eaten up by inflation. Fortunately I never got suckered into the Wall Street ponzie scheme and put a little away in Gold and Silver. The fact is if I needed 100 stinking bucks I would be hard pressed. I knew back in the 90s that we were in trouble when people started living off their credit cards. Then that dried up and it was Home Equity Loans, then that dried up and it was overtime and second jobs, that dried up and it was selling their prized possesions on Ebay. Now even Ebay is drying up. Now way out of this mess. There are a few people that still have good jobs and are living in there bubble but SOON they will be in here with the rest of us. The elite have milked us dry for short term profit but soon they will be out of their bubble and thats when the S**t hits the fan.

  83. The defeasible search for knowledge is nonterminating. No truer words have ever been written. Because our knowledge base is a miniscule droplet out of a great ocean of information, we must always reassess our position on matters. Fortunately, for those who base their decisions on a scientific and mathematical foundation, a strong scaffolding exists for productive thought experiments.

    For those horrified by the bonus predations of AGI and the callous disregard of Wall Street’s CEO’s, one must understand that they view matters entirely from their tribal affiliation. From the lofty heights of Wall Street, the common American worker is (to be entirely honest) an unsophisticated Neanderthal brute. If the complex financial instruments designed by America’s elite, beggar the common man – or perhaps drive him to eventual extinction; then this is merely the workings of natural economic selection. The ironic fact that Americas have been swindled into underwriting Wall Street’s immense efforts at creating a mega-Ponzi scheme, clearly demonstrates the innate inferiority of the common American taxpayer. (After all, he or she only makes physical objects or provides mundane and trivial services.) It is altogether fitting and proper that the new Homo Economus break the bones of America’s taxpayers and heartily suck out the marrow. This is merely Darwinian natural selection at its finest.

    In addition to viewing our present economic plight from a Darwinian standpoint, it is also interesting to view the legacy programming problems enabling our new master race. Lobbyist money easily facilitated the destruction of the financial firewalls (regulations) that prevented the gutting of the economy. They permitted the dangerous leveraging of untested financial instruments (derivatives). Almost certainly the agents of these actions, Greenspan, Geitner and others knew exactly what they were facilitating and that their actions would lead ultimately to the gutting of America’s treasury. This by causal necessity would also undermine and sink any attempts at national health care – while eventually destroying the other meager welfare and social security nets erected by backward, socialist dreamers. (Because, really, it’s all about money)

    Presently as we view the comedic shadow theater of our congress rushing to in act symbolic legislation against AGI (and knowing full well it will be blocked), we should take renewed stock of America’s finest political servants. For example, Max Baucus of Montana is standing strong again for the moneyed class – when he helped derail greater taxes on America’s wealthiest. (He wanted to be sure that American’s elite would retain all their best, deluxe tax deductions.) Wouldn’t it be nice if newspapers actually made these political/lobbyist transactions transparent to the public? And if they did, might America’s newspapers become profitable again? Without effective newspapers and political transparency, America’s programming problems (the undue influence of lobbyist and powerful elites on the body politic) will go unremedied, and both the corporations and politicians will continue to feast on the public’s bones.

  84. Bobby said:

    Most Americans will never, ever, lift a finger to change their nation for the better. We are too unwilling to get out of our comfort zones. Golf, baseball, basketball, football, etc. none of these things need be given up, but how about totally useless television programming, junk gossip magazines and shows, and other sublimations we use to assuage our boredom or fear?

    History has proven that not until people are in actuall, severe want, will they do what is neccessary to change and the problem is that is always the worst tiime. That’s when change will be accomplished with the bloodshed and grief that would have been unneccessary, had we only taken responsibility as citizens. I noticed the authort of this piiece, while talking about millions of unemployed Americans, didn’t have a thing to say about the elites continuing arrogance and negligence in allowing millions of illegal alien foreign nationals into the nation, which makes me believe he is at heart one of those liberals who talks a good line but doesn’t mean a work of it. Illegal immigration is being used to divide Americans, hasn’t he thought of that? It depresses this nations wages and it allows the elite in Mexico to totally ignore the responsiblility they have for their citizenry. Where is the author of this piece on all of this crap that so affects the American citizenry.

  85. David said:

    24 Trillion stolen
    The elite want you dead
    those who hunker down by themselves will find that they will be treated like the branch Davidians Waco Texas.
    You only need 2% of the people to stand up
    that would equal a 1 million man army of well armed people
    No Americans do not have the fortitude of Back bone to expect more than 2 % of the people to stand up 3% at best.

  86. Saul Rosenberg said:

    Personally, I can’t wait until the US boils over and becomes the Fourth Reich (if it hasn’t already). I stand ready to support our Dear Leader, whatever the cause, wherever it leads.
    USA UBER ALLES!!!!!!!

  87. Skip said:

    Great reporting! It’s nice to hear the TRUTH no matter how painful it is. I have only one correction. The US simply doesn’t exist anymore. We now live in the “US-Israel Empire” and the rest of the world is keenly aware of that fact. The US is Israel’s puppet and no matter how bad things get in the US, Israel gets everything that it wants from the US, including the most sophisticated weapons that money can buy. I might add that Israel already has a socialized health care system that’s of course paid for by the US.

  88. George W. Bu$h said:

    Most rituios article. You dah man. It’s time to load all those guns and go after the rich mutha fuckas that have been robbing us common folks since Ronald ray gun reagan took over. Fuck the republicans , fuck the democraps. This country needs a civil war and I think it’s gona get one with the illegal alien criminals caught in the cross fire. Rich people suck especially the jew zionist type with long hook noses.

  89. Plan Jane said:

    The problem in the country today is there are tomany greedy jew zionist males running everthing. The jew hates gentiles and wants to take you jesus folks out by robbing you of your cash , retirements and rights to live. The jews run the banks, federal goverment,media.

  90. BOBBY vINN said:

    I blame those fielthy spics from mexico, the ones that sneek across the border and steal a white mans job. It’s time we round these spics up andkick their asses out of the country and shoot at any 3rd worlder sneeking in again.

  91. paco goldberg said:

    I blame these mexican baby factorys that snnek into americanos and crap their mexican ofspring. They are the scum of the earth and should all be forced to have abortions while sending the catholic church the bill.
    never do business with a company that hires these mexican criminals.

  92. Boss Nigger said:

    fuk dis place I b movin to afica ware a nigga CAN B A NIGGA AND GET A PIESS OF PUSSAY EVORAY NITE

  93. Missy said:

    Yes, we need a revolution of the mind, we need to reeducate people. Violence is never the answer, we need to be smarter than they are, and we are. We have to know this. I repeat we’re smarter than they are in ways that matter most. We are the engineers and technical experts, we are the farmers, the carpenters, the plumbers, we are the skilled professionals that operate the electrical power grid, we built this country, and no how to operate it through FREE and abundant energy technologies and resources for the betterment of ALL, without any form of political-price system interference. We can take our back our power, but first we have to acknowledge how truly powerful we are, don’t buy their products….. I repeat, don’t buy the so called economic elites products!!!! And don’t determine your net worth as people by the amount of faith based money that they allow you to have. They may control the tyranny of symbols ($) but you control the real wealth of this world.

    Wake-up, the solutions to our most complex social, energy and environmental problems are already here, but first you must be able to know the differences between FACTS and MYTHS, the power of the so called economic elite is based on nothing more than fairy-tales, that’s right, FAIRY-TALES that we choose to buy into. Stop buying into their LIES…… You are smarter and stronger than they are, your strength comes from your KNOWLEDGE about how things really work and the choices that you make.

    Research the Venus Project, Zeitgeist (addendum) and some of the material at Technocracy inc…

    Take back your power and FREE yourselves.

  94. Ray Bilger said:

    Great article, but like others it lacks a workable solution. You would have us pressure our Representatives in Congress to stop the corruption, but they’ve already sold out to the worldwide banking cartel. We need a real Second American Revolution, preferrably without violence or guns. I believe this can be done, and that it is the only workable solution.
    We have to ignore Washington, D.C., completely (it is so corrupt that it’s beyond repair), and focus instead on where we intend to Re-Establish the true people’s government of We The People. Philadelphia was the first capital of the United States, and we could take over Independence Hall, and start all over again. And of any bankers or lawyers come around, we could show them our guns and ask them to leave unless they want trouble. Then we have the new Treasury issue Constitutional money, and no more debt will we have.

  95. stephen said:

    It appears we are heading straight into a world wide French Revolution a new age Dark Age.

    The seeming incompetence of the USA leadership is not incompetence it is they are either snookered or part of a conspiracy to reduce population through starvation and violence.

  96. A good article, overall, except for the GLOBAL WARMING ‘fantasy’ that was thrown in to appease THE BANKS…and, no doubt, the web servers…who are OWNED by the BANKS…(in MY EDUCATED OPINION AND DISCERNMENT OF REAL EVENTS TAKING PLACE)
    It IS TOO BAD that the ‘PSYOPs’ have made their wormy little way over here, SALTING the comments section with derogatory, name-calling, diversionary, infantile, non-logical MIND GAMES, however.
    This discussion (or debate) by rational and sentient people regarding the issues is a GOOD thing, as it may give rise to a COHERENT SOLUTION, but the tactics of the PSYOP PLANTS are easliy recognized as the ANTITHESIS of these goals.

    Naming NAMES:
    ‘Boss Nigger” “Paco Goldberg” “BOBBY vINN” Plan Jane” George W Bu$h” “Saul Rosenberg”…etc.

    These schills are attempting ‘THE RACE CARD’, in discussing the FALL OF THIS NATION, in order to:
    #1) Divert attention from the progenitors of the REAL CRISES that are facing us; and :
    #2) Hoping that THEY can recruit a few more NATIONAL SOCIALISTS to join their FACTIONS of the NEW WORLD ORDER (‘Novus Ordo Seclorum’, as stated on the currency of the Federal Reserve). Funny how that works, isn’t it? Tax dollars paid by citizens to USARMY.NET schills to wage CIA-researched psychological operations to attempt to sway free men and women to take differing views regarding RACE, inciting VIOLENCE against Americans of African and South American decent?
    THEY DID THE SAME IN THE 1890′s against the Slavs and the Irish, but they didn’t have the SIXTEENTH AMENDMENT and the Federal Reserve Act and the IRS to fund their operations, so it FAILED…

    I OUGHTA turn these posters in to the Obama Admin., for violating several sections of multiple P.S.S’s, as well as the new ‘law’ passed with the military funding bill of 2009, called ‘The Hate Crimes Bill’…
    YES, the MACHINE is up and running. You have only skirted the TIP of the ICEBERG which has caused the FATAL WOUND that will sink the U.S.S. TITANIC, David DeGrew…

  97. Tiresias said:

    It is not the fault of the politicians, just look at the general level of discourse in the messages of emptiness, hate and illusion written here. We are a society that has always lived in illusion, and every society based in illusion will arrive at a point of reckoning. We elect these people because we believe the platitudes and emotional tag-lines they put out. It is a time for change, as we all know, as Obama understood while not being able to make the necessary changes. We cannot go farther in illusion, all the guns and food that those who cannot see farther than their fear have hoarded will cause only more chaos and not bring about the change that is needed. Where is the love that would unite us in our differences? Where the understanding that would bring about economic equality and opportunity for all?

  98. David said:

    This is an eloquent summation of some crucial facets of human life in America. What we are witnessing is the final scenes created by The Protocols of Zion plan for the world. Observations in all facets of living will bear this out. The global elites want a world without God. The masses are clones of these elites. There is no help from them. The functionally literate and the spiritual are the true targets. These demons want no happiness on Earth. Only the happiness of buying is tolerated. Only the joy of plenty money and plenty sex is hyped. The joy of being soul is not touted because they have no clue. This is where worthwhile living pays off. Live as soul and take care of your body. That is all the material involvement that is necessary. The Zionist system expands this into a trillion other externalizations….for their upkeep. Be spiritual, it is too late when you die.

  99. Tiresias


    Your postings hence are interesting, but offer NO HOPE.
    ” Where is the love that would unite us in our differences? Where the understanding that would bring about economic equality and opportunity for all?”

    I RECOGNIZE a strategy, as well as the original author of this aryticle, and attempt tlo outline this attack of ‘nefarious silence’.
    YOU use big ‘words’, in attempting to ‘dumb doen’ those who know BETTER:
    Does this non-hyphenated definition REALLY MEAN ‘EXTERNAL REALISATIONISTS’?
    (Those who realise the truth, outside the sources of ‘THE MAIN-STRAM PROGAMMERS who decide YOUR LIVES)? externalisationalists’, I believe, is the CORRECT SPELLING…a descriptor, NOT a VERBIAGE, in the vernacular American English usage…

    Diifferent names (TiresiasDavid), same OLD MISLEADING BULLSHIT DIATRIBE, it seems.

    Yup, I didn;t think so.

    Overall, not a bad article, wxcept for that ‘GLOBAL WARMING’ bulll crap rant…

  100. [...] Read Article [...]

  101. David said:


    There are several David’s posting comments here. Externalizations is perfect English and relates to the choice man has to go outside our dive within himself. Those who buy guns are into the external battle. That is good and fine. Those who dive within unearth another kind of power which can be used to destroy evil. My use of externalizations here was to implicate mankind in their own demise. You go outside for happiness and get caught in the system. Internalize and the system loses its power. That is just how it is. I do wear a 15 year-old shirt because it still fits. There will also be no Christmas shopping! I hope you get my drift!

  102. greg said:

    While it is obvious that the elite are having their way with the rest of us to a large extent, there is still a tremendous amount of “ambient wealth” in the US, and from what I’ve seen a whole lot of people are relatively unaffected by the economic downturn. I live in one of the supposedly hardest hit states but there still seems to be a lot of people with discretionary income buying all sorts of junk they don’t really need. The roads are still packed with gas guzzling SUVs filled with soccer moms on cell phones, the average price of housing where I live has dipped a little but is on the way back up and competition is fierce for available property, and the main topic of conversation among Main Street and the local media is not about Wall Street or health care or Afghanistan but what the local college football team is doing…in essence, business as usual. So I just don’t see the end of the world coming soon. But some people just need that sense of epic events unfolding to make their day, I guess. And all the gun talk on here sounds pretty wacky, by the way.

  103. [...] Read more… Possibly Related Posts:Iran vs Israel: What The Media Wants You To ForgetAmerican Cancer Society Admits Mammograms and Cancer Screenings are Over-HypedIs it me, or is this memorial service a sickening exploition of lost lives to promote a conflict and encourage recruitment that is destined to cause still more lost lives?’Why we fight’: The Nature of Modern ImperialismGlobal Warming Fanatic Monbiot In Cringing Attempt To Defend The Indefensible Comments [0]Digg it!Facebook [...]

  104. Bat Lang said:

    I am in agreement with many others that parts 1, 3, 4, & 5 are
    very good, but I believe that they exaggerate the time element; ie, I don’t believe we are at those stages yet, but are
    certainly headed that way. Item 2, however is a cropper.
    The whole global warming thing is a hoax. I suggest for
    starters, you checkout this site:

    Bat Lang

  105. Jana said:

    Climate change:

    Can someone tell me the studio where they put starving polar bears on floating ice?

    Hollywood used to have giant tanks for naval scene battles……..

  106. dwill said:

    There is a reason why war continues. It is because the few who want to fight overpower the many who understand it’s futility. The fighters have loud voices and strong wills and they overpower and intimidate the peacemakers who wants to talk. It has always been that way. On this message board they shout ‘the jew,’ and ‘the mexican’ always shouting and they appeal to people who don’t want to examine their own complicity in the problem and blame the stranger. Hitler had to degrade the jews so that they were not humans anymore but rats (The eternal jew, is the film they made to do this). When we can degrade people to animal status then we also degrade ourselves and we become animal that tear one another apart.

    I think there will be some violence, because these fighters want it. They want it bad. They cowardly don’t want to start the violence in fear that they will alone, they want the mob behind them. So we hear their rallying cries from time to time.

  107. Ben Ali said:

    Holy shit. Once again. Read the names of every one who’s in charge of this government. “It’s the JEWS stupid…… Obama is bought and paid for.

  108. Phil said:

    You are an idiot. Obama is a fake, never hope or change. Get over the imposter already. He deserves no benefit of the doubt- the people who put him in are the ones raping the middle class.

    On the other end of the spectrum- What you call “poverty” is called “extreme wealth” in most of the world. DO NOT conflate swollen bellies and flies and flour water paste for dinner with LAZY FAT Americans who eat 3,000 calories a DAY on their “poverty” diet. Get real. These folks only suffer at their own hands. Get up, get off it, and we’d all be better off.

    Middle class and poor folks in America let this happen to themselves because they’d rather eat McDonalds, drink Starbucks, watch TV and drive cars. These things “poverty” line folks do every day with wild abandon.

  109. Citizen Val said:


    Very good piece!

    Obama is nothing more than a BAD JOKE.

    The only “change” I see is the change that I have to round up to buy gas after my pay check has been raped.

  110. Patrick Sullivan said:

    Gee,you all should be careful at the way you keep shouting at your fellow Good Americans.

    Remember they do have several thousands of nuclear weapons with many sitting on a hair trigger that could be triggered by accident or mistake, and they also have comfortable shelters waiting for them underground to hide in while we are all turned into nuclear waste.

    Did you ever wonder why?

  111. Sophia said:

    Overall, I think you are right on target. You seem to be missing another very important point, however. You talk about all of the scams carried out to steal wealth and consolidate control, yet in the same article you call the Copenhagen summit “perhaps the most important summit in all of history.”

    What you don’t seem to realize (yet, because I know you’ll get it soon) is that the “global warming” / “climate change” scam is just another scam. Its another scam just like everything else you discussed. The earth is not burning. There will be no worldwide spontaneous combustion. Perhaps you are psychologically or emotionally invested in this particular scam, but like you said in your own words, we need to drop all of the illusions.

    As for the Obama Myth, many of us saw through the illusions clearly, long before the elections. The main alternatives, however, were simply more of the same illusions.

  112. Colin said:

    Does’nt matter., were all gonna burn…Mabus…of people and beasts, a horrible destruction….read # 1988 and there are others that speak of an awful cataclysym…so enjoy your loved ones and last couple of years together…Of course the elites will hide in their Deep Underground Military Bunkers, so they can start their evil all over again, and you know what…they can have it!

  113. Very well researched and presented article. Unfortunately, all signs point to things getting worse, and this has potential to turn very ugly very fast.

    In my recent article, Conservative Counter-Revolution and the Coming Violence some research leads to the same conclusion. There have been at least 8 acts of right wing instigated bloodshed since Obama took the oath of office, and with these corporate astroturfed mobs hitting the streets, the situation only appears to be escalating.

    There are more ‘Timothy McVeigh’s’ out there, and they are angry.

  114. Wilson said:

    To dmay, its not the liberals who have the guns. Its the teabaggers who carry signs that say “GDET THE GOVERNMENT OUT OF MY MEDICARE”, the idiots toting guns to peaceful townhalls with shirts that read ‘The Tree of Liberty Must be Watered By the Blood of Tyrants and Patriots”, the same saying that McVeigh wore on his shirt the day he bombed the OKC federal building. Anne Coulter, Sean Hannity, Limbaugh have all advocated organized violence against all liberals. Wally Herger GOP FOX news Teabagger who also serves in congress God Blessed a self professed right wing terrorist who said Obama was not born in Hawaii.

    All of this means you live in opposite land. Its the right wing whackos like you who will kill the liberal children next door to steal their food. Its the Christian Right who will go house to house looting food from “liberals” code for Americans who do not attend their churches of hatred and terrorism. Its right wing whackos like Pat Robertson who applaud Osama Bin Laden for killing all those liberals on 9-11, in liberal NYC. Tim Mcveigh is a Teabagger icon. David Koresh is still worshipped as Jesus Christ by most FOX news viewers. And nowhere has any mainstream liberal news caster or pundit called for killing the US Speaker of the House like Glenn Beck has. Nowhere has any liberal pundit called for armed revolution against the USA like Hannity has. No liberal of any note has called for violence against every republican like Anne Coulter has on many occassions, oh yeah, I forgot, when Anne Coulter makes death threats against every liberal, its funny ha ha ha, a joke. What you really see D- is you killing your neighbors stealing their food- raping their children because they are filthy liberals who voted for Obama, and why shouldnt you rape and pillage your neighbor, after all, they dont watch FOX and dont attend teabagger terrorist parties so they must hate America- You are the terrrorist.

  115. tom said:

    Until Americans realize what they have to gain from the status quo is less than the status quo post, things will not change. The founding fathers chose status quo post and what a wonderful decision they made. Let’s not fail their courageous memory.

  116. al said:

    I am glad that I gave my vote to Ron Paul and Dennis kasinich for vp,at least I can know I wanted decent men in charge with common sense and such.However good article,I am also not convinced of the global heat issue,pollution and trashing yes,but the sun has its own agenda,as does the illuminati.It doesnt take a genius to see that things are going to hell in a handbag,chemtrails,aspartame in more crappy sodas/drinks and such all the time,msg in damn near all the cheap foods,skulls all over childrens cloths,sun symbols everywhere WALMART/SHELL GAS/THE FAKESNOW FLAKES ON CHRISTMAS COKE CANS and on and on.Does anyone have there eyes open-I knows these bloggers do,but many- many others are asleep at the wheel,do yourself a favor and skip the vaccine any vaccine.godspeed common sense .

  117. [...] read another article today that paints our future pretty much hosed. Of course, it was written from the perspective of [...]

  118. John Public said:

    We’re but pawns being played for fools in a big game within the top 1%. First they steal us blind, then they bankrupt us and they as we’re starving the refuse us equal access to a job by discriminating against us for ruined credit. Stop the madness by helping to pass H.R.3149: The Equal Employment for All Act that would make the practice illegal. More info.

    Join Facebook Political Action Group at:

  119. jnjnn said:

    White people are making war with all of humanity – FIGHT THE WHITE SATANIC BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  120. johan said:

    I don’t think most of the sheeple understand the full impact of the problem as a old man who was used in combat (I was brainwashed growing up in 40′s-50′s watching gove black&white war movies) 3 tours in viet nam 2 purple hearts @2 bronze stars as a force recon marine,I see the result of lack of honest schools & what we have in the general population now as we are dumbing down the kids.I saw on tv the other day 2 black women in detroit yelling & hollering they were there to get thier”obama money” mulitply that by tens of thou’s +30 thou. illeagals who don’t give shit about usa plus the thous of white kids trying to act black we are splintered and broken as a nation,

  121. dmay1 said:

    To Wilson,
    What you really see D- is you killing your neighbors stealing their food- raping their children because they are filthy liberals who voted for Obama, and why shouldnt you rape and pillage your neighbor, after all, they dont watch FOX and dont attend teabagger terrorist parties so they must hate America- You are the terrrorist.
    I am not a terrorist. none of the above is me.

  122. Michael said:

    David DeGraw,

    I did not read all of the comments so this may have already been asked.

    Did you really mean to gain the support of the hate Obama, it’s all Obama’s fault, the Ron Paul anti-philanthropic, global warming denying, Fox News watching, Rush Limbaugh listening crew?

    You see, David, I don’t think you wanted to draw the support of people who are happy to see gun shops filled to the gills.

    I especially don’t think you wanted the support of racists.

    What you say is right, but it didn’t start in 2009. The Corporacracy has been around choosing our “leaders”, their front men, for quite a while – at least since the 1980s and, with apologies to the Kennedy worshipper, possibly since the 1960s.

    Corporations gained personhood in 1886 and that status has grown and grown and grown over the years until our country, which I’ll define once the extreme right wingers who have sung your praises have soundly trashed what little bit I’ve written, had finally gotteb to the point at which it’s ruled by corporations who don’t give a damn about national borders or patriotism or watering any trees, liberty or otherwise.

    My next lesson – did our government cause all of this because it regulated business too much or did such Supreme Court cases as Santa Clara County vs The Southern Pacific Railroad, the case that claimed that corporations deserve all the rights of natural human beings, start this corporate takeover of our country?

    Barack Obama might have had good intentions, but as was stated, as soon as The Corporacracy saw that he would probably win, they got to him, as they did with Clinton, probably Carter, maybe Kennedy. Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, HW and W were already part of The Corporacracy, so, during those so called administrations, The Corporacracy made even more ground based upon that 1886 non-law.

    If everyone wants to know who to really fight, research Corporate Personhood. Don’t go talking about hurting Obama or any other politician. He just did what most people who’ve commented here would probably do when faced with dollars being waved in their faces. Ron Paul, who thinks that personal wealth is the answer to all, everyone else be danmed, would be the first in line for those dollars, but at least he’s honest about it, something his supporters don’t seem to understand about him.

    More lessons to come for those who are truly interested.


  123. Mark said:

    In Ruwanda it was a signal given on AM radio that triggered the worst one week slaughter in recent history. Americans are arming themselves to the teeth and I wonder what will be our signal? We know who the enemy is and we know we can take them out. Close to two million warned the Government on 9/12/09 and that was just a fraction. 200,000,000 pissed off, armed Americans waiting on a signal, just waiting for the signal.

  124. dwill said:

    Mark – This sounds more like a fantasy of yours. Do you really wants something like this to happen. You do realize you too may not survive. This is no hollywood action film with you cast as the lead. It’s only in the movies that the hero escapes hundreds of round being shot at him as he eliminates all opponents. You do realize that. There is no way in anyone imagined hell that 200,000,000 people will come together to save this place. What will happen is they will turn on each other, and slaughter one another. Even now the different groups are bickering, even threatening each other. Be careful what you wish for it may lead to your undoing.

  125. [...] far? Editor’s note: The following is an edited excerpt from the Amped Status report, “The Critical Unraveling of U.S. Society.” The economic elite have launched an attack on the U.S. public and society is unraveling at [...]

  126. prestonpjr21 said:

    Wow! Can`t we all get along… I`m serious, do we believe it is coming to a violent solution? If our state of mind is set on this belief, then we are headed toward a violent conclusion. People will always and I mean always make very poor decisions that affect our lives. Choosing to make another bad choice by a hateful or angry “feeling” is something that should be well thought out. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth or a word for a word is not an easy choice when it comes to violence. I don`t believe this is the majority of Americans way of thinking or atleast I hope… Do we really want to kill, rape, pillage, rob and steal from other Americans to get what we need to survive? It is a fact that societies or tribal groups that catered to one anothers needs, survived way longer than the groups that did not. Why did the Mayans disapear? Please fellow Americans, keep working hard to keep the peace between us. Remember; to keep the peace is hard and to choose war is easy… I`m an American who loves a good old-fashion hard challenge… God keep on blessing our beautiful nation we call the “United States of America and give us the courage to overcome…

  127. [...] The Critical Unraveling of U.S. Society [...]

  128. [...] all of this, in another devastating example of how the economy is unraveling US society, military enlistment levels have reached a high. In a report by the Washington Post headlined: “A [...]

  129. [...] all of this, in another devastating example of how the economy is unraveling US society, military enlistment levels have reached a high. In a report by the Washington Post headlined: “A [...]

  130. [...] all of this, in another devastating example of how the economy is unraveling US society, military enlistment levels have reached a high. In a report by the Washington Post headlined: “A [...]

  131. Chico Rubio said:

    There are a lot of extremist opinions on here – we either put our heads between our legs and kiss our butts goodbye, or we arm ourselves to the teeth and go out in a bang. Who knows what the real remedy (if any) is, but my epiphany (after reading all this) is this:

    What makes an “elite” an elite? — The 99% who are not elites…

    I like the “get back to basics” idea, but how do we go about that? Maybe we should take the government’s advice and go back to school. It’s not a coincidence that our educational system has been “dummied-down” over the years. Imagine if you will a society schooled in fashion and sewing (so we could make our own clothes and garments), educated in farming and gardening (so we could grow our own food – unless we go the way of Ted Nugent we’d still have to buy meats), classes on herbs and good eating habits, even homoepathy (for medicinal info – not bashing the importance of some drugs out there), and knowing how to scientifically create our own personal sources of energy from raw materials.

    If we could know how to do these things ourselves, we could earn our meager pay from our elite-owned jobs and invest our money in this kind of education so that we become less reliable. Once we stop spending on things we can “make” ourselves, the elite will start to panic as the “gap” starts to narrow and their profits start diminishing.

    To me, this is a “smart war” which is more realistic than the violent or submissive options.

  132. [...] all of this, in another devastating example of how the economy is unraveling US society, military enlistment levels have reached a high. In a report by the Washington Post headlined: “A [...]

  133. [...] In response to the report, “The Critical Unraveling of US Society,” readers primarily critiqued the part in which we call on readers to engage their representatives. [...]

  134. [...] all of this, in another devastating example of how the economy is unraveling US society, military enlistment levels have reached a high. In a report by the Washington Post headlined: “A [...]

  135. [...] all of this, in another devastating example of how the economy is unraveling US society, military enlistment levels have reached a high. In a report by the Washington Post headlined: “A [...]

  136. [...] And the more I think about it, the more I think he is right. How could I prove him wrong? If we stopped innovating, would we destroy humanity with the state of our current technology? All signs point to yes, especially in the United States. [...]

  137. SilverFox said:

    Ray Bilger: The politicians are part of the system so they cannot make the urgent change needed…they are part of the decay. Yes, it may take a 2nd American Revolution which is an outside force to make the change.

    There is a new book just published that is about how the 2nd American Revolution starts in America. It’s a real political thriller that is about current events. The book could your town or mine, but it shows a small town in America that stands up to federal tyranny & the citizens stand up & fight back. Great book.

  138. jg said:

    Everything you are saying is true, but there is one hitch. If public protest actions are taken as you recommend, the elites are all ready for us and an argument may be made that widespread civil unrest may be exactly what they want in order to justify massive repression, segregation from the general population, and eventually elimination, which is good for global depopulation of undesirables (free men). There are rumors and reports of detention camps already prepared for use. They have shown in recent demonstrations, notably at the Republican Convention in Denver, that they will brook no dissent and exercise no limitations on their police powers. Agitation may actually be in their best interests in provoking their next move. The problem is that the more you push back and the more the public responds, the more urgently they will see their countermoves, to prevent losing their advantage in the end game they have planned. The end game is going to be accelerated. Pushing back has its limits.

  139. [...] Status recently did an excellent report entitled “The Critical Unraveling of U.S. Society.” A summarized version is available at Alternet and is called “15 Signs American Society is [...]

  140. Rikc said:

    I could start ‘anywhere’. Immigration is an issue for us here. I understand that many Americans hate Mexicans for being here…the National Socialist Party, or something like that, right. Well, why are Mexicans here in the first place? What happened in Mexico to ‘trigger’ the great migration? The answer, in a word, ‘CORPORATION’. That’s right. One function of the Corporation is to attack sovereignty, globally…the social safety net, self-determination, all of that in a nutshell. And putting up a ‘virtual’ fence is a total waste of tax $$$$$$. It’s like criminalizing the outcome of something that you are not really trying to stop. If you really want to stop the fooking Mexicans, stop CORPORATION and recognize sovereignty. Besides, the same thing that happened to Mexico and by the way, Somalia and dozens of other countries, is NOW happening here in this great country. But I know the racist is way too afraid to look at this. They say that this is God’s country. What the fook does that mean? Oh wait I get it. If I live my life as though there isn’t actually anything in the empty box of religion then that will get me killed. Right! And this will be the only evidence of a true God, my blood. Remember, it is universal that plunder is groundless, no matter what you do about it. So good luck in destroying the planet, your going to need it.

  141. KAK said:

    “elect Ron Paul 2012 and American Tea Party citizens for office ONLY in city, state and federal government “………..WRONG……………..If the surging Tea Party really believed in its anti-bailout rhetoric, they’d be screaming for a windfall profits tax. But instead they so hate government and taxes that they’d rather let the biggest bankers in the world take our money and laugh all the way to the bank….in the Cayman Islands…………………………../The Tea party is attempting it’s own coup for the sake of it’s own greed!

  142. Rosie Thaden said:

    I was wondering if any of the ladies here tried the nono hair removal system? If yes, how did it work for you? Does it work ok on sensitive skin? Thank you very much to all of you who answer!!! :)

  143. Jane said:

    I think the real realistic solution to this problem is birth control. I read Jared Damond’s Guns, Germs, and Steel and it said irresponsible breeding is one of the causes of inequality since it reduces the society’s flexibility in how it makes decisions for itself and which able minded innocent adults not being disciplined for thier own misdeeds are allowed to participate in decision making under ordinary circumstances. Centralization of power especially without checks and balances against those leaders in decisions other than those related to disciplinary actions for misdeeds and emergancies made by adults for other able minded adults is a consquence of the lack birth control. Smaller populations ensure checks and balances by removing the expendablity of workers and increase personal knowledge of each other’s characters and workings. Yes working on oneself will at least help 90% of the time, but in these situations a 90% success rate is just not good enough especially if there is no dowry or equalivant that can be yanked at will if failure or misdeed were to happen to back the relationship scince if one accounts the fact this task requires 5 good ducks in a row the success rate only comes out to be only 67%. Smaller population will help in preserving democracy and people’s political voices in all spheres of life including the workplace since it would be easier to at least talk in person to the leaders and removing the temptations of cheap labor being readily availablilty.

  144. Mike said:

    Uh, excuse me? where have you all been the past 30 years? You act as if this “rip-off” was just now cooked up by a few high school pransksters. This deceitful bait and switch has been going on for quite a few decades now, and all of a sudden… get a clue. NOW, you want the money back, when for all these years its been the american dream all the way, baby, love it or leave it , my country right or wrong, blah, blah,blah. It means nothing. It WOULD HAVE meant something way back when Nixon was pulling all his crap. But THE MILK HAS BEEN SPILT AND CLEANED UP ALREADY, and you want to know where oh where is that empty glass???
    It is broken, the empty glass is in a million pieces and in the garbage, on its way to the dump.
    Next time, if there IS a next time. You shouldn’t let somebody else hold your glass for you. Duh.
    All this vaunted education in the best schools, knowing how to use your own two hands, and you let someone else hold your glass for you, because they want to be “polite” So, how’s that working out for ya?

  145. Chris said:

    It’s too bad that climate change has grabbed so much attention that other environmental issues are ignored. There are so many other ways in which the economic elite destroy the environment: by building dams that displace millions of people; by operating huge fishing trawlers that deplete fisheries and put small scale fishermen out of business (this is why the Somali fishermen originally become pirates); by overproducing subsidized crops, causing soil erosion & dead zones in the Cheasapeake Bay and Gulf of Mexico; by operating mines and oil wells in indigenous people’s territory, destroying their farming or fishing livelihoods (the cause of rebellion & terrorism in coastal Nigeria & in Congo); by wontonly polluting and deforesting natural habitats; I could go on. Big corporations are behind this, but they are helped out by the World Bank, IMF and powerful countries.

  146. johan said:

    Sorry sheeple,as an expat living in Amsterdam I can really see how stupid fat and loud we americans are,some times in europe I tell people I meet that I’am from canada because I don’t want to be blamed for our gove actions.(such as our wars for oil,false flag terror attacks,ect) We(americans)are the only people who don’t realise our gove lied about the twin towers (also JFK & gulf of tonkin,the
    attack on USS LIBERTY there is more but the sheeple need to look for themselves|)

  147. [...] through without a hitch under Obama is proof enough. On top of this, Obama’s campaign was heavily financed by Goldman Sachs, and prior to the election Obama often spoke with Paulson. An analysis of phone [...]

  148. [...] through without a hitch under Obama is proof enough. On top of this, Obama’s campaign was heavily financed by Goldman Sachs, and prior to the election Obama often spoke with Paulson. An analysis of phone [...]

  149. [...] The bottom line is that no country can survive constant leadership corruption, whether protected by the Constitution’s First Amendment or not. Here’s where we are headed if we do not abate it: The Critical Unraveling of U.S. Society [...]

  150. [...] Critical Unraveling of U.S. Society Tags: Ecological Options Network, [...]

  151. Nate said:

    You Sir, Are an idiot.

  152. [...] through without a hitch under Obama is proof enough. On top of this, Obama’s campaign was heavily financed by Goldman Sachs, and prior to the election Obama often spoke with Paulson. An analysis of phone [...]

  153. Jesus said:

    Verily, verily, I say unto thee: if it is elected, appointed, works in a bank, works on Wall Street, or in law enforcement–kill it.

  154. RC Heli said:

    Once you have attached the balls with the rubber sleeves, centralise the hub. On initial helicopter flights its likely that ‘awkward’ landings may cause the balls to fly off, putting a drop of super glue on the outer rubber sleeves should prevent this.

  155. [...] economy and country is in a downward spiral, and the outcome will not be pretty. We got there because our politicians care more about campaign funding that they do a stable [...]

  156. Love these blogs, keep ‘em coming! bye :D

  157. [...] Contents: ———————I: U.S. Societal Breakdown ———————II: Environmental Crisis ———————III: The Obama Myth [...]

  158. Doug Baier said:

    For those who think guns are the answer remember what robber baron Jay Gould once said; “I can hire one half of the working class to kill the other half.”

  159. Rueben said:

    Any family tree produces some lemons, some nuts and a few bad apples

  160. [...] through without a hitch under Obama is proof enough. On top of this, Obama’s campaign was heavily financed by Goldman Sachs, and prior to the election Obama often spoke with Paulson. An analysis of phone [...]

  161. Jeff said:

    Nice article. I only wish that you had not bought into the global warming scam. A small amount of research will convince any open minded person that AGW is nothing but a scam by the same soulless elite that are responsible for the mess we are in. The shame is that real environmental issues like runaway population, toxic pollution, and destruction of our ecosystems are hardly talked about at all. Co2 is not the problem. Other than that, a good article. To be honest, though, I do not see us saving our society. We will have to survive total collapse and then rebuild, this time valuing trust, cooperation, sharing, and caring for one another. If one word sums up what has led us to this point it is Greed.

  162. pedro mohr said:

    To author;Very good.Maybe we can cheer up.California is broke but perhaps Japan will buy it?Obamas advisor Emanuel is said to be dual citizen and Mossad agent. ?Obama is half Jewish.Why trust Israel?Why trust democrat Pelosi?etc.I say yes Ron Paul.No to Sara Palin if heads up tea party.Thousands are said to be dying in USA due to lack of insurance for health.I would invite in Cuban MDs who are presently over 600 in Haiti today.They sent MDs to Venezuela,Nicaragua,etc.etc.I was in Nicaragua myself and it was voted world’s safest country.I bet you did not know that Hitler was a Jewish person and did not hate jews.

  163. Joe said:

    Those of you who bring up global warming don’t realize it is happening, it’s just not global warming, it’s a global climate shift that can not be stopped but fully agree Al Gore is scam artist. However we shouldn’t waste time arguing about this because the rest of the issues are a much more urgent matter. The only solution I see is to get rid of the international bankers, money changers, detach from Israel and send the Jewish lobby packing. Strip all Wall Street crooks of their wealth and use the money to bail out the working class for a change.

  164. william said:

    good article please excuse my typing as i have disabilities from military service. im going to give you my heart on what could be done.

    first regain control of your states government with a strong govenor, you can and will not be able to rely on the federal government to help ITS TO FAR GONE.

    renew the states militia’s to get control over all aspects for the state. remember the militia is all men of age. no splinter groups

    have state start a monitary system banking issuing of money silver cionage would be best.

    problems there are going to be which most of you do not realize. the financial system of the world has been on life support for some time. think most af all trade in the world is run by coorperations and what would happen when just the dollar goes bust. easy one for you THINK WALMART WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF WALMART ALL OF A SUDDEN WENT BANKRUPT/CEASED BISNESS IMMEADIATLY. SAME WITH SAFEWAY, KING SUPPERS EXCETERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    how much food is grown within say 75 miles or is availlable. this is the problem with large corperations if they go bust they take to much with them.

    immediatly each state needs to look into this, if they do not it will be total anarky.

    as to regaining citizen control of federal government there is only one way. first vote all incubents in congress out that have been in over 1 term. in the states pass state laws on campain finance.
    only contributions from individual citizens in the canadents DISTRICT no contributions from parties, unions, companies, or corperations. ONLY FROM THE INDIVIDUAL CITIZEN.



    as to the climate what you are not being told is there is both natural and mankind changes to the worlds climate. and there is not one single expert that can tell exactly what is to happen. if any one has noticed look at how far in advance you local weather man tells what the weather will be.
    used to be almost a week now down to days. and then sometimes still wrong.


  165. Jack Ruby said:

    It is time to use any means necessary to unseat them all. Leaderless Patriot Revolutionary impact.

    The United States was overthrown in a Fasist Coup on November 22, 1963.

    The United States has been at war since. The United States has been in a constant
    state of emergency since. The United States is controlled by enemy forces, and by

    Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.

  166. Easy Solution said:

    The easy solution:

    As an individual contributor to this situation, YOU can effect a change. Not a TOTAL change but, never the less a collective change to the cash-flow to the Bankers and Politicians!

    Stop, and I mean STOP buying stupid products including financial investments! STOP doing everything you real don’t need to spend your fiat money on.

    This is what YOU don’t need:

    - Flat screen TVs
    - National Sports tickets
    - Vacations
    - Fancy restaurants
    - Name brand clothing
    - New appliances
    - Bigger homes
    - Many other extravagances!

    What you DO NEED:

    - A happy family
    - Respect
    - Safe environment to live
    - Safe food
    - Clean non-fluoridated water
    - Safe medicines
    - Real Education
    - Real life-skills training
    - Intelligent discussions

    Need I say more?

    Start a new future, even NOW by shutting off the TV and spend your life pursuing REAL knowledge and REAL TRUTH! Learn skills to live better. It’s YOUR responsibility to protect yourself! Don’t ever wait for the Government to do it!

  167. John Taurus said:

    Expressed my sentiments exactly but worded so even a simpleton could understand. Excellent, well written article.

  168. Stephen Kriz said:

    Great article and great links. Don’t take it down for a while, please! I plan to refer to it often and use some of the links on other projects.

    By the way, the people upthread who deny global warming don’t have any idea what they are talking about. We are living through a slow-motion environmental catastrophe that could cause the extinction of most living species including us! When the summer temperatures start reaching 140-150 degrees farenheit in Arizona and California and no living thing can live there anymore, maybe they will begin to see how stupid they have been. It isn’t too far away!

    Thanks again!

  169. bill said:

    I did enjoy reading this synopsis of current ill’s and would even consider sending the link to those with closed eyes and minds. I say consider because the environmental section of this piece keeps me from forwarding it out to others. I do understand this was written several months ago, but the author needs to come to terms with the fraud known as climate change. He addresses all the other frauds presented to us through the propaganda box, but continues to believe man is responsible for the future sixth extinction of the planets species. I would ask what mans role was in the first five but then again consider it a waste of time. If this section of the article was rewritten to expose the climate fraud (complete with the mechanism to wealth associated with it, ie. cap and trade) then I would send it out in emails and make copies to plaster of parked cars. It’s sad because the article does explain the ill’s of America in articulate fashion, save the climate change. Hopefully the author see’s now what was not seen last year.

  170. rachel said:

    a few things you need to add:

    AIPAC approves who will run for office. They are just as guilty at putting criminal in office as the banks are. Look at the Isreali connection. It worse than you think.

  171. nucsol said:

    Well done article, now if we could get it posted on the front page of every rag in the world it might have an impact. How long would it take for 99% of the world population to destroy 1%? If we get the names and location of these Scumbags I’m willing to bet they would change the way they do things. Just keep expossing them, put spotlights on them, hound them, let them know we know and we will act.
    If the good people of America decide to take her back lets make sure they are given the right target set. We are starting to learn what a crock of crap history is and who has been writting it. Knowlege is power and 99% vs 1% is easy math, lets exterminate the cockroaches once and for all.

  172. [...] By David DeGraw AmpedStatus Report [...]

  173. Lynn D. said:

    Some of this article is on the mark but there is a lot of mass media propaganda sprinkled throughout. 1 percent cyanide in 99% good food will kill you. Same goes with lies mixed with truth. For example, the “overpopulation” you describe in America is only partly true. You fail to mention where the overpopulation is coming from: illegal immigranst pouring into this nation. You fail to mention that the GOVERNMENT is responsible for this problem. You fail to mention that the reason so many Americans do not have “health care” (as if mainstream established Big Medicine and Big Pharma really C
    “Care” about our health), the reason so many are without this colossal rip off is because of all the illegal aliens overstressing the system by getting free medical care at the expense of taxpayers. And as far as the “environment seemingly declaring war on socieity” um, you either haven’t done your homework or you and purposely misleading folks.. Try looking up in the skys every once and a while and watch all the airplanes streaking them with huge plumes of unindentified material (NOT “contrails!). Look up Military Weather Modification and read about “Weather Wars” and how the military claims to be able to “own the weather” by a certain date. Look up “Project Bluebeam, Operation Cloverleaf, and HAARP. Read about how they set of an undersea nuclear bomb that caused the Indian tsunami in 2004. And in all liklihood, they also caused Hurricane Rita and Katrina with HAARP along with the Haitian earthquake. And anyone with a modicum of common sense can see that 911 was a false flag Hegelian dialectic to achieve control of the masses: Create the Problem, Achieve the Reaction, Offer the solution: War on Terror (which means War on You and Me). Lets stop leading the opposition here by mixing in so many mainstream lies and misinformation and get to the TRUTH. You are playing the same game that people like Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones, the “tea party” and their ilk. They are NWO OPPOSITION LEADERS, leading legitimate truth seekers into a DITCH.

  174. Joe O said:

    I see no mention of the millions of invaders who are a drain on our social services and who take our jobs.

  175. nestingwave said:

    The “invaders” get invaded. Turn about fair play. Best not to invade at all.

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    From the above, we can clearly see that the Jews fully understand their Khazarian heritage as the third edition of the Jewish Encyclopedia for 1925 records:

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    Jews have lived on the shores of the Black and Caspian seas since the first centuries of the common era [after the death of Christ]. Historical evidence points to the region of the Ural as the home of the Chazars. Among the classical writers of the Middle Ages they were known as the ‘Chozars,’ ‘Khazirs,’ ‘Akatzirs,’ and ‘Akatirs,’ and in the Russian chronicles as ‘Khwalisses’ and ‘Ugry Byelyye.’.
    The Encyclopedia Judaica, Vol. 10, (1971) relates the following about the Khazars (Chazars):
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    (Encyclopedia Judicia, Vol. 10, (1971))
    The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia:

    “Khazars, a medieval people, probably related to the Volga Bulgars, whose ruling class adopted Judaism during the 8th cent. The Khazars seem to have emerged during the 6th cent., from the vast nomadic Hun (Turki) empire which stretched from the steppes of Eastern Europe and the Volga basin to the Chinese frontier. Although it is often claimed that allusions to the Khazars are found as early as 200 C.E., actually they are not mentioned until 627…Most Jewish Historians date the conversion of the Khazar King to Judaism during the first half of this century {A.D.}
    Academic American Encyclopedia, Deluxe Library Edition, Volume 12, page 66 states:

    “The Khazars, a Turkic people, created a commercial and political empire that dominated substantial parts of South Russia during much of the 7th through 10th centuries. during the 8th century the Khazar aristocracy and the Kagan (King) were converted to Judaism.
    The New Encyclopedia Britannica, Volume 6, page 836 relates:
    Khazars [kaza'rz], a semi-nomadic tribe of Turkish or Tatar origin who first appeared north of the Caucasus in the early part of the third century…in the Eighth Century Khaghan Bulan decided in favor of the Jews and accepted Judaism for himself and for his people.
    New Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume VIII, page 173 relates:
    In 1848 the word ‘anti-Semitic’ was invented by the Jews to prevent the use of the word ‘Jew.’ The right word for them is ‘Jew’.”

  177. Jeannon Kralj said:

    I think this article is well done and nicely documented / hyperlinked. The “he’s our guy” linked article does not show, as I thought it would, Goldman Sachs’ funding Obama before the 2008 election cycle. That information would be most enlightening.

    Now, I realize that Mr. Degraw is from the “left wing” orientation. I am from the conservative Roman Catholic orientation. The Church has always spoken out against socialism as well as capitalism as well as “free markets” economics of libertatrians.

    This article uses the terms “Americans”, U.S. citizens, and national, but nothing is said about the fact about 99 percent of what our presidents and congress have done for the last century has been to destroy U.S. sovereighty, destroy the U.S. Constitution, blur and destroy our borders, and opt instead for the ICC, the United Nations and other globalist, anti-American death and slavery for all entities.

    Mr. Degraw got it wrong about the environment. The globalists liars and thugs at the IPPC are owned and operated by the world’s elite banksters. Their “science” regarding “climate change” has given all of the natural sciences a very bad name.

    In the USA, the bankster elites intent on ending soveriegn American are the same filth that created and funded the environmental organizations. We have had no substantive environmental efforts in the USA for decades. Environmentalism has become just one of the main tools to end America and substitute the one world death and slavery system known as the “new world order.”

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  179. Madge said:

    GREAT WORK!!!! We are in this together, more people are awake than you think.

    The Global Green thing is easy, it made Al Gore a very….very….rich man, and also it’s to condition our brainwashed minds that there is too much carbon dioxide. Guess what folks, how much carbon do you think YOU’RE made of?????? It’s all about depopulation when the real cure for “Global Warming” scam is to plant more trees.

    Start checking out the Illuminati. There is much information out there, and remember it’s not a conspiracy if it can be proven.

    Also, the new world order is not new. It was spoken of in the Bible. The book of Daniel tells us all about the one world order. An evil group tried to do this once before it’s called the tower of Babel. We all know what happened to that don’t we?????

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  191. CottonMan said:

    I would suggest to go to the library and just read a few books on the rise and fall of great civilizations……why our government bureaucrats don’t do this is beyond me, but lies the answers and solutions to most of our problems. Learn from the mistakes of others.

  192. Whether it’s political or religious views, race, size, or orientation- Doesn’t everybody deserve the chance to be who they are? As long as they’re not hurting anybody, why not?

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  195. [...] through without a hitch under Obama is proof enough. On top of this, Obama’s campaign was heavily financed by Goldman Sachs, and prior to the election Obama often spoke with Paulson. An analysis of phone [...]

  196. James Inness said:

    In the 1920′s C.H. Douglas warned us what the “financial ellite” were planning for us. He explained the future, with special reference to the United States.
    If you want to know the precise cause of our troubles, and the ONLY remedy, then for the sake of sanity, and our future, justice, and economic security, look up SOCIAL CREDIT.! It deals with the credit of society, as opposed to the SOCIAL DEBT. Nothing to do with political Socialism!

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  204. Emily said:

    This report is a corollary to Naomi Klein’s “The Shock Doctrine”. We have been in the throes of corporatization for many years, but have been dumbed-down to the point where we don’t understand what’s going on. For those who are out buying guns, don’t you realize that it is the U.S. largest manufacturing and exportation business? All you are doing is to support the corporations that have contributed to the debacle we are in. For those of you who wave the flag and “support our troops”, will you accept the onus of the hundreds of thousands of innocent lives that have been destroyed or displaced to further our global conquest agenda? Until you accept the fact that we are victims of the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on mankind, you will sink with the rest of the unknowing.

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    He hired 15 Saudis-3 Egyptians and one Sudanese.

    Senior FBI official said “There were no more than 100 hard core Al Queda members on 9-11″

    Bill Kristol PNAC Hebrew organization had tried to get Saddam removed by Bush sr. Clinton and Congress
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    Chalabi was source of all of WMD information. In interview in Iran he was quoted as saying:”Yes! I lied about WMD but I got what I wanted the removal of Saddan”.

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    Bush was ready tro attack. He is on record as telling his biograpaher-”I will need a War to be a successful President”

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    Can any imagine the window through which it was viewed around the world.
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    p.s. Kristol was on panel this week and stressing we need to spend more on Military.

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    OIL + Plus Israel


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    Reagan had 137 investigated for crimes with many convicted
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    GAO reported Newt Congres spent $110,000,000 on Hearings and Investigations in a failed effort to deotroy the Clinton administration.
    13 hearings on Whitewater a well known simple land deal.
    Usual effort to smear and create false impressions.
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    1980–1% owned 20% Total Financial Wealth
    1989=owned 36% (80% increase= market and 60% Tax Cut)
    1979 to 2009–1% got 281% Increase in Income
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    2008–1% get 25% of Total Income + 43% Wealth

    2001-2009 Housing Tsunami and Financial Volcano Eruption
    100% WSA
    WSA owns Congress and White House

    Christ is screaming

    Wall Street Of America, formerly United States of America, owns Congress and White House
    43 in Goldman formerly high ranking government officials.

    Why let WSA run our financial system???

    Why not Academia?


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    1.JOBS—grew by 43% more under Clinton.
    2.GDP—grew by 57% more under Clinton.
    3.DOW—grew by 700% more under Clinton..
    4. MARKET CAP INCREASE—Clinton + 330%–Reagan + 136%
    5.NASDAQ-grew by 18 times as much under Clinton.
    6.SPENDING–grew by 28% under Clinton—80% under Reagan.
    7.DEBT—grew by 43% under Clinton—187% under Reagan.
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    9.NATIONAL INCOME—grew by 100% more under Clinton.
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    13.UNEMPLOYMENT—AVG—Clinton 5.2%–Reagan 7.6%
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    LA Times 10-11-00 on Market–www.Find
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    A vote for a Conservative is a vote for Less Success.
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