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Tea Party Founder Karl Denninger Backs #OccupyWallStreet

October 18th, 2011 | Filed under Activism, News, Video . Follow comments through RSS 2.0 feed. Click here to comment, or trackback.

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Read Karl’s take on #OWS after visiting a Florida occupation:

Occupy Pensacola: Alleged “Conservatives” Better Wake Up

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  1. [...] they know they were simply being used (even the tea party founder seems to have turned away and now supports #OccupyWallStreet). And once Barack Obama is out of office, whether in 2013 or 2017, many, many more will abdicate. [...]

  2. [...] Please Hear this… Tea Party Founder Karl Denninger Backs #OccupyWallStreet… and calls out Fox and MSNBC for co-opting each for political gain. [...]

  3. [...] Backs #OccupyWallStreet… and calls out Fox and MSNBC for co-opting each for political gain. Share [...]

  4. Ripsaw said:

    How did you get that he “backed the OWS”?? He just said they are doing some things right. The comparison leaved the dissimilarities out. What is with that?

  5. Ripsaw said:

    Greed and immorality cuts across all layers, Qanni! Don’t confuse big business playing by the rules given them to living morally! There are plenty of moral businessmen. I don’t relish having a government that meddles in all of my affairs, but one that enforces the rules, which appear to be the problem today. Let’s overhaul the system, not change it to whatever is different because some of you believe socialism or communism is the answer. Once you go there, you will wish you didn’t…unless you are part of the ruling elite! Don’t tell me I am wrong! I already know how well the Soviets ruled, and we can see now how the “benign dictators” of the Mid-East ruled! Nothing like torturing your own people to wake you up! And, Kent, the things you want to ditch will not go away under a socialist system which appears to be the alternative to your rant! You really think free trade will change. If you only knew what is in store for you? Off to the showers for some Russian Roulete!

  6. V.V. Squelch said:

    I find it irritating that all socialism/communism is automatically attributed to Stalinism/Maoism, and never to the socialism we see today in the “socialist utopias” of Scandinavia. Surely you can see their social democracies, which welcome capitalism, are a step up from the mire we have here. It is as one person (I wish I could remember who) put it about said countries: “The only thing they lack is a dream” i.e. the commonfolk in those societies are given the tools to guarantee a life free of fear of health issues, lack of education issues, et cetera, so that perhaps they actually have nothing to work *toward*. The point is, however, they have much higher life quality, not bothered by the stresses of working 2 and 3 jobs just to make ends meet, and plenty of time for the important things in life. Not that I am 100% about their respective systems, but the denizens having the opportunity to choose to do something important or loaf is something I think every American envies.

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