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#OccupyStLouis: Bank of America Won’t Let Protesters Withdraw THEIR Money

October 8th, 2011 | Filed under Activism, Video . Follow comments through RSS 2.0 feed. Click here to comment, or trackback.

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  1. [...] #OccupyStLouis: Bank of America Won’t Let Protesters Withdraw THEIR Money This entry was posted in Politics / World News. Bookmark the permalink. ← Should Politicians Wear Uniforms Like NASCAR Racers? [...]

  2. Postkeeper said:

    These are not U F O but patterns of the HAARP machine , pretty soon you will see holograms of religeous figures in the sky, dont be frightened , its the HAARP people trying to scare you into doing what they want you to do, check up on HAARP its a weapon of distruction.  

  3. Jckstokes1 said:

    Why are banks that don’t pay taxes allowed to do business ?

  4. Sorry problem is not Bank of America (although they aren’t helping). Prob is at the end of your driveway, your toy requires as much from you as a child and gives nothing in return but fake ‘status’ and ‘convenience’.

    Choices now are tough but manageable: to drive a car or have a job, drive a car or get an education, drive a car or earn enough to pay the bills. The scale is rapidly shifting (see Greece):

    To drive a car or have something to eat. Drive a car or have any money at all. Drive a car or … the choices get tougher.

    What’s it going to be?

  5. guest said:

    People owning cars didn’t put the world into a recession, the global banking infrastructure did.

  6. Hannah Frye said:

    and some people need to drive a car to earn money anyway

  7. Nobody needs a car to drive to work, gimme a break. Millions of people use public transit, walk or ride bicycles. 

    Taxi drivers, some emergency service providers and delivery need vehicles, the rest are toys: ego, status, fake convenience.

    The auto is the axle around which the corrupt American economy turns. This is the same economy you are complaining about. You cannot have wealth without debt (they are the same thing) you cannot have a waste-based economy without cars.

    There is no money return on driving a car, a billion humanoids follow the teevee’s orders and drive their cars, going nowhere in particular. The consequence is the cheap petroleum which is the basis of the ‘earn money’ which you speak …. is gone, Baby gone!

    Right now, the cost of lifting oil out of the ground equals what the waste of the oil returns. The lack of ‘return on consumption’ renders the system unprofitable. This is why this system is collapsing, it’s 100% crude oil dependent: Europe, Japan, China is on its way, the US (obviously). 

    The cars, suburbia, pop culture, (ubiquitous) television, ‘luxury’, hip/trendy, ‘Lifestyle’ are the scrim hiding the rot. The car makes you drivers something less than human, cockroaches racing a world made into a giant, rusting refrigerator.

    Keep in mind, not my rulebook, I’m telling what I see, I don’t particularly care if you wind up destitute, unhappy, confused or not. This is the ‘Thermodynamics’ rulebook: see Frederick Soddy.

    Good luck and get rid of that car.

  8. Erinsgarden said:

    I don’t see it as simple as that. More often than not, you need the car to get to the job or the store to eat. The car companies ripped up mass transit a long time ago fixing our dependence on the automobile. I have to drive 30 minutes to the next town to work. No bus to drop me off close to where I work. While I might imagine getting into better shape by getting up extra early to ride my bike, I can’t imagine it in the winter or when I am carrying a ton of paperwork. If you go to Europe you will see so many small, smart cars~even those from American corporations, but they are not selling them to us. Hardly! Why not? Don’t tell me there is no demand! There’s no choice…getting back to corporate America….

  9. Anonymous said:

    Long story short: cars are fun. Cars give freedom. Cars let us experience the world. Try visiting all the great mountains and beauty spots in the world on a bicycle. Try moving produce 100 miles to market on a donkey cart.

    To dismiss the automobile is to embrace genocide – because we cannot maintain our current population levels without transportation.

    We don’t need to go backwards. The end of the oil era will come. But don’t hate cars, don’t hate mobility, don’t hate technology. Embrace what comes next.

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