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"Natural Disaster Plans Lanes are routed one way direction out for people to start moving. Firefighters, EMT’s Police, Construction, Master Electrician(city), or other town running personnel need to use emergency lane to get out of natural disaster range. Need to [...]" · View
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    Natural Disaster Plans

    Lanes are routed one way direction out for people to start moving.
    Firefighters, EMT’s Police, Construction, Master Electrician(city), or other town running personnel need to use emergency lane to get out of natural disaster range. Need to decide which side of road people are on so that these personnel may get out, once traffic stops on this laned route(set time up to so many hours, then lanes combined to get more people out)

    Medical teams, Doctors, Military need to prep for natural disaster. Carts and/or natural disaster closets. Buckets are filled with supplies, each tote has items. Bandages, guage, tape, outside natural disaster zones are warehouses set up the same except perishable items. Water and food needs to be start prepped as soon as natural disaster is called. 3 day supply of 3 meals need to be prepped. 9 bags total. Bags to delliver to guide them until they can get to natural disaster warehouse sites.
    Any frigerated meds need to get into kits to get to people as soon as natural disaster stops.
    Charts need started, collect basic info with blocks of handouts of total given to them, they get food, water, and sanitizer for price of phone. Pay for phone, iff c/c only form, have phone line to natural disasters to pay with Auth# to verify payment given.
    All military personnal get prepped food ready for disaster and warehouses & military get there next set of food set up. 211 & 411 become natural disaster phone line to get number for help. All radio stations come up with new station for natural disaster reporting, to keep informed & updated on natural disaster warehouse and hospitals doing natural disasters.
    All stores that normally throw food away, needs to boxed and sent to homeless, natural disasters and places of people that need the food more. No need to waste food. Stores, resturants, shops, dollar stores are second hand stores and if we can merge those to natural disasters now would be great.
    Mogues need to be prepped and ready for natural disaster relief of bodies that may not make it, natural disasters unfortunally come with grief and healing process saving and losing lifes. All personnel that deals with bagging and transfering those natural disaster bodies out of the area while others are getting assistance for relief to fix their towns and/or cities.
    During natural disaster, if we keep apartments and major business walmart, kmart etc, for people in houses to pack food and supplies to meet at stores, when there supplies are out, the store may help once personal supplies are used, all shopping carts would be pushed outside of store, your belonging stay OUT OF STORE due to sanitary in/out, THINK SMART, name tags go on stuff with numbers so that you may get your stuff when ever you want so they may sit in store to stay warm, the garden center or play not being used seasonal will turn into a sleeping area while relief is going on and can be dismissed back to houses. Please advise that any disrespect will not be tolerated in the store while there or personnel may kick you out or have police force monitoring the doors if necessary for traffic. Practice drills should be set up in future to deliver so all towns/cities have natural disaster plan for their community.
    Assessment teams need to be set up so that names and lists gathered at door, name, address, phone so that mapping can be set up to dismiss those individuals over the intercom system, when they hear there name, they can go home, makes it easier for store and personnel helping save your lifes. The reports have to files to location and seperated into divisions like the postal routes of towns, difference of being a natural disaster than a trading post. The teams that handle natural disasters of mogues, need to get lists to medics that can report to real estate and families for the decreased to take care of their possesions for them. The doctors reports and with math and scientific land teams that assess the water PH, sanitation, amount of damage, FEMA, OSHA, etc need collabrated immediately after the natural disaster. If no family or whole entire family was inflicted, then military for families or natural disaster teams need to asses houses to no jealous(since already sold from store) to help those in need remembering those that didn’t have the chance to survive the storm. Be very thankful for this time indeed. May be rough, think of positive outcome throughout whole process, know that your loved for the lifes you COULD save in work and play.
    Need to use minimal amount of electricity to help during a natural disaster. The more electricity that can be turned off and spared the better. We need to take down all weapons of mass destruction and donate to the electricity nuclear plants while green energy stage is going. Battle of the sexes teams LITERALLY! While the nuclear warfare is being taken down, the woman and able aged children need to help set up for green energy solar panels and gridded system of the future. People that aren’t helping with this stage need to start packing all there house items that they are not using.. CIties and towns on plates have to be moved off the plates 50 miles on each side. New towns of green energy need to be built while they are packing, one time move of real estate on same town grid system just systematic move off all plants to get off nuclear energy. Then the community goes back and helps take down old town and the recycles back to factories to help with new green energy toys, food, equipment, etc. All nuclear plants need to get green energy system grids ready after the warheads are taken down and get machines that are on houses to read the electricity of nuclear unto the grids of reading green energy flows of energy on new housing to keep up with the reading of solar weather for scientists NASA/NOAA etc. solar weather coded computers.
    ROADS are done being built, we done building bigger, just need to fill in all empty houses, employment positions into green energy jobs, all schools that taught anything for electricity, nuclear, and non green energy basis will need to switch to green energy of flow of jobs. CDOT etc will move to construction and tilling the open fields of tumble weed etc and plant seeds from stores etc to bring oxygen up and keep animals off the roads, we need to fill in all the blanks with green now, we are done building expansion of the system. CDOT needs to go through and get all caculations of total road made, also new phase is painting all the roads brown or white. I figured white would be too dirty so brown with earth and painted lines. The lighter the reflection from solar system to earth, Asphalt generates alot of heat, all buildings that are shiny, same thing, needs to be painted colors that don’t reflect alot of light, WE ARE TOO BRIGHT DURING THE DAY!!! Let the hippies paint away. Make themes in towns and cities to things you see on vacation, hiking, animals, etc, get off the bright theme. Buildings that are really tall, we need to go shorter and stouter only because the taller you make a building could cause upside down lighting with the atmospheric layer your entering. Put you company name at the top of your building instead of building taller.
    All waste management groups that have dumpsters etc, we need loads taken in and out of every forest, people have a one time free charge of pickup, funding already available have paperwork, everybodies trash needs to be out of the houses on the side of the road, more vechicles or military to help these groups maintain the forest pick up for freedom, not taking anyone down, just need to clean mother earth, dumpsters need to be left at sites of those that don’t want to leave, let them be for now, they are living there for years, need maintaince on the forests. All Forest personnel that states anything over 50 years is an artifact, PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT! Those personnel need to pick up there own forests and deliver to a museum then, if a piece of glass starts a forest in the fire, it’s not an old piece artifact that could create a prism of issues. Get my drift of importance on this rule! All hippies living in the forests will and need to respond and do duties of helping clean the forests if they want to stay in them. All houses will have a one time, not that we are watching whats coming out of houses but getting all the trash out now and cleaning up. New systems will be sold in the stores with labels that state by what recycling system all will follow. Cans, paper, glass, etc. The neighborhoods will make more dumpsters to put at these locations with the same labels and trucks that go to each dumpster. You will put the trash accordinally so that the landfills may be seperated easier to get to recycling places etc. Recycling, landfills will need to merge in this instance into a company to form properly on take down on those items of crushing cans, cars, etc….. Scrap yards will merge with auto industry or landfill to make there donations of recycling back to make more things, use sparingly so needs to be taking down, electronic landfills, Bill Gates and others will need to work on that will Concealed weapons for telecommunications and weapons. Sautering any items to a green board is highly lethal and will need a license, Bill Gates will have a card automatically for been with us during this process the whole time etc…..
    All Gas and Oil companies, from now on the employment basis on these jobs is filled for now at this time and green energy management groups landman/woman will be transformed behind these oilfield groups, they go behind and pick up the mess after sites are taken down, no more being built right now, so need to play catch up on the spill work between these groups and FEMA, OSHA etc that handled hazardous materials etc. NO more smoking on rigs or on sites at all what soever, I’ve seen utube videos of explosions being recorded due to accidents or kids playing in the mess, NO MORE! You are subject to get into trouble if your catch destroying the earth this point forward. No alcohol use until after working hours, I know few boys still drinking on the jobs at sites and around if they have to stay on site whole time, no more tobacco or alcohol on site AT ALL!! Bars, houses, stripper clubs etc only, there’s entertainment when your off work, not while on the Bush Adminstration Oil Field Time and others that handled the Oil Field Basis of all companies. The Obama Adminstration is the Green Energy Basis, have to split into two groups for this to work anyways america. The view of america’s jobs besides the private section of jobs. Pot is being legalized and the only one at this time that’s aloud on a food stamp/assistance aid, they make note of use, but all other drugs besides hippies is not allowed for assistance and once info taken, THEN U.A., abuse is subject to be reported to authorities if there are children involved and could be a risk to the children’s health of the parents drug use.(For System Use Only in Reporting)
    Pot is the only drug besides workers of brutal industry that’s allowed on the street at this time, all other people cocaine, heroin, meth shows to make more mess on street than less, therefore NO more Crank movies on street, if they choose and still want to do it, report to a prison or jail handing out for free if you say, then reports of your health and use are reported to doctors on the cancers etc it may cause. There’s liquid drugs in the liquor store now, for those that don’t want to turn themselves in and don’t want to do the drugs anymore, send them in the mail to the closest police station, but anything but pot outside of industry work is subject for pickup between the street, assistance aid of health departments and doctors on the U.A.’s. Graduating groups of hippies in this helping catagory will have a new ID with list of industry you work and what’s allowed between those departments of work that you do.
    All land spam from the emails getting licenses unto the land will cease to add themselves to the land as spam. Cash advance places and other places that allow credit card basis of collecting money and interest off the people as spam outside the credit card companies and banks. Almost like making forged money, big time trouble depending on proof of verifing the means of this loan when enough money is being made outside of land spam. Places like dollar stores will merge into other forms of help between natural disaster relief, mililtary, or families in need of proverty to help bring them back up. If you merge into teams then still working to build system back up unto the green energy grid.
    Resturants, Fast Food and other EXTRA over needs people. This system is fast and convienent for the people to use and we appreciate it, we need to stop over expanding the obesity of grease/oil, need to cut back in ALL divisions in this subject please and thank you, also need to work on getting more people into areas that can’t enjoy these pleasures, if we have people in proverty without water, houses, food, then we can to afford to help minimize expansion at this time and hold strong in your menus as you go!
    Shopping malls, movie theaters, and all inbetween outlets, need lists for certain family company mergers to help all people and get extra’s in the entertainment industry goodwill out to provide for those that can’t afford shopping yet due to area. Education fields need help right now, so if these groups just lock and hold strong as well to work on the education basis to get green energy upgrades, lists will be provided to all these stores, needs vs. wants, we have to fix how these stores look to make green energy theme, its going to be a transition for all these places getting items transformed into green energy and thank you for your patience as we get this process down. THE SEX APPEAL of men and woman is ENOUGH!! No more rubbing into those that can’t afford nice things, casual time for the making, if we can afford sex appeal, we can afford to save the globe. KAPISH! Men just want vagina, they really don’t care how you dress, they just say they do most the time just to get into your pants, we already know this one, DUH!
    Schools and education teams will sort through all subjects to rid the bad, shuffle in the good. The highest school college or university starting with MSU then BYU(divisions under private space), etc…. will be your parenting college/university, they will go to each and every school to help you transform into the green energy. No Teachers are effected by this process, just have to re-train green energy through schools that don’t teach that yet. Once the highest schools are selected, then all those teachers will group to fix the schooling industry of the students, Preschool and kindergarden will merge into elementary and old schools down, teachers move with child, middle school and high school will merge, and 16 and up will be in college/university of school. If we transform to harmones, this system may move smoother during adultlence years of learning to get the sillies out before the real world of working employment to help mature out before employment stage. Once in college/university will change on billing to employ as you go as well with those occupations. Daycares and schools need to find a merger attachment on unions or groups to help with the after hours of employed people that need help with daycare while employed or get on same working system as work. So if most are 9 to 5 jobs, then schools should run 2 hours before and after if necessary creating more jobs and hours for teachers. All lists of subjects will need to be handed in to remove bad list and return good, example would be history class, we now know how the earth works so history isn’t necessary needed. Transform into the green energy math and science and telescope field of learning mother earth than the history of what you do on it. This one told on the Latter Day Saints because the history books taught opposite of the genelogy they locked into temples FYI Once these lists are in, transformed and done, then all teachers need to help get other countries that need education delivered on a global data dump scale to complete the children educational needs of basis. We need to understand that the children in school with teachers while parents are at work, so the teachers are more like the parents during the day while parents are the nighttime outside of school if that makes sense. Children in the school that are found with weapons or drugs, the parents will be subject for background check to make sure what the parenting skills are or if it’s an outside influence causing this disruptive behavior, the quickest way to nip the problem ahead of time. If the children are doing it, have to ask, where’s the parenting skills outside of school of rules and basis of a good education?
    All movies that have scripts will medical, Rescue 911, America’s Most Wanted, Sexual Predator shows will report to the Super Secret Service of White House West Wing Week K-9 unit of scripts for next scripts that will be working while transferred to natural disaster help, assesment reports to location of crimes, etc. All concealed weapons license people will go to store location to license those that sell outside store that way if recall store is backed up by gun groups for recalls and non suing hazard as applied to rules. All military surplus stores need to cease due to street violence, stores made more inventions than less. Pawn shops and any fun HIPPIE stores of weapons re-sale will no longer be able to sell weapons back to the street without a license to verify re-sell, makes tracking numbers harder for real life emergencies. There needs to be a card made after hunting license given in schools that keeps track of how many guns people own, If they own more than two guns right now without a concealed, there are considered lethal weapons with rules restrictions if they carry on them, in vehicle etc….(truckers, same rules, understand they do it for safety to make sure truck not stolen by some street groups or gangs) All guns extras are to be turned in to concealed weapons or departments of law enforcement immediately or subject to get into trouble if cards of issue and permit allowing more than 2 guns in a house hold, we know that sportsman and hunters up to times have a collection up to 10 guns(concealed weapons license recommended) If you have in vehicle, may be subject to a slight insurance raise just do to if accident were to occur and gun were to go off, the insurance protects the gun holder and 2nd admendment to bear that weapon. Be advise, mimimal amount would be up to 10 or more dollars a month, and more than one gun could have additional fee, additional threat IF an accident were to happen.
    For the people that choose to do drugs, have to be off the street in the system if not industry workers for meth, crack, heroin, and ANY needle drugs, the system is allowing these drugs and passing them out of evidence rooms and types they make of better grade but system does the pass out and you stay there till sober or DONT do it. Each prison/jail is set to a different location within each one if this the route you choose. You will have to write reports on what occurs along with them assisting if you are out of it to write what drugs do to your body. POT is the only STREET drug allowed at this time with the legalizaling.
    People that have life sentences will no longer need to wait until the rest of your life(except CREATIVE IMAGITIVE if allowed Guatmo/Alcatraz/Bush-green energy thinking as well), you got the charge, you need to stop wasting the systems time. The prisons and jails allow and give entertainment to make their jobs easier to maintain the system, they need to figure out what schools are missing sports from those set up in the system and military to get back to those schools. Why are bad people getting treated better if those that are working hard outside and don’t get treated as well as those inside. NOT FAIR and the people SEE this part. There biggest issue with PIGS, why you have that name, stop spoiling bad people, wake up, there good people that need you more. The system would save more money if they flushed the bad people that are causing harm and allow the rest to do drugs or systematic jobs you allow them that dont allow spoiling and teaching to be worse not better. Then the system can focus on its main job of natural disaster basis. If people keep complaining that their not doing there job, then we are making a way so that they can help those good ones in employment and etc if they obey to the consitution and rules given by the system when the time applies for all those it affects. People that got fired and released due to POT U.A.’s for jobs may get rehired into new ones for green energy as well in that announcement.
    Anoymous legion and other groups that are working the street helping the people with the revolutions to help make basis to green energy and helping those as we promised need ID cards. Be honest, NATO summit and a few others when people were taking from streets up to 6 million at a time into locations for removal, some teams were lost, that’s why the masks mark and protect workers with the force to accomplish this mission. We need VIP neck tags now besides masks because everybody is starting to wear masks now and need to change appearance to go with next set of themes that we are working to make this transition as easy as possible for law enforcement, military and anoymous legions. Enforcement and legion on land with the people, military groups on terrorists, natural disasters, and other commands needed to get this project down between these three and other groups of generation working to fulfill the mother earth needs for survival. All reels that are a horror reel, scary movie etc. These are off the land, out of site, out of mind, the police butality on the street and utube is filling up with videos of raping woman of all ages and throwing the men around like trash. Why don’t the woman get to play again, your wasting meat they could play with too, That industry is something else sometimes. Jails/Prisons are co-ed now, We need men and woman to seperate facilities to there sex. Men for woman and woman for men, make the mental thesis of job and work easier for the next phase of game reels the men intend to play so have to work the co-ed groups to make the moral mother and child theme green energy globe. Mogues, jails, and prisons will combine now, all dead are taking to mogues, if system combine, would make process easier, so that there is no more ID theft, the groups that do the Social Security Index will have to report back and forth or merge to make paperwork easier, if all in one location, then process will go simple. Need a medical division in the mogues, all deceased will have blood labs to determine if body can be saved or destroyed by burial, crematory, that way if organs are donated to save lifes, these groups can save quicker if on a team together to deliver to hospital to save life, people can donate whole bodies to math and science now. The body if donated will come with a sheet that states what they are donating too. Bones-Calcium-50lb bags to agiculture for roots and feed of system. Blood types will be drained to blood types depending on labs that come back. Used instead of chem trails and chemicals, goes in trees, fights forest fires, rivers, etc, I have a whole list to donate the entire body back to the earth, no bodies are wasted. Each head college/university MSU has 1st hospital educationally outside morgue to teach how process goes. 1 side of hospital is life petri dishes(take ape sperm with human egg or human sperm to adult ape, not beastology if petri used cause noone let us and Jane Goodall do project YET!?!? Men wont donate and have the rule but they are the sickest and we now it. ) The other side of hospital is the cut down of the body parts for the earth. No more wasting the meat. Import/Export trade of this group will be handled at the locations were accepted by the head group department.
    Higher class above a billion dollars minus indians because they are upgraded from million to billion club(they treat earth good) will have to start paying more for self if can afford, companies that pay for business trips across world(work sitting one spot really besides meetings), per diem if within a certain range of pay, etc will need to start paying some of there way. Also for people that work more than 8 hours. If we have people that can work more than 8 hours, we are exhausting them and others can be used to fill the space and go back to structure, I noticed pay moves up with hours and some is getting out of hand. That way it’s fair for all to get a job. If people are fired from jobs repeately what’s the attitude towards earth or lifestyle to not be able to hold a job. If resigned, need list to reform some scripts due to transform and upgrade of mergers. If layed off or let go because of economy, need to get into green energy jobs, seems like unemployment rose due to not being able to pay out, and now rehired for lesser pay to keep economic from collasping to merge systems into green energy to rehire, all lists of unemployment will get 1st line to get back into green energy jobs by the list backwards of who’s been out longer vs the lest time on list, to get those waiting longer back in and then those that haven’t had to wait as long. Along with those lists, low income families etc to be pulled in diagonally to wean off assistance into job so that assistance stops once 2nd paycheck comes in to help and allow them to merge back into workstyle life. You’ll hear less bitching for everybody cause im sure im bitching through this list as well.
    All agricultural farms and locations that import/export to stores and locations are going to be on a new whole system and will upgrade and allow more funds to help the food pyramid of thanksgiving to our people. Commisions and pay will start to get paid for the Section 8 Scientific method process. All places that have pens with lots of animals before they go to slaughter houses, every 5 to 10 years, a pen sample(I KNOW, we have been busy, 1st set of numbers will all be high and off, that’s why fixing now. I understand the pressure and push to demands of population to deliver the best results of meat, Im handling these logs in between men’s work and play) All agricultural people like Erin Brocvich will be trained and will handle the tests(your pay) to prepare and do as directed during times needed or natural disaster plan to re up and stock and help supplies. A bore core sample 5 to 10 inches of each pen will be taken, two tests required and after the manure is removed. The highest point and lowest point, looking for ammonia levels of dirt, bad hooves, rot etc can be peventable now if we manage ahead of time. If the dirt is bad, the pens need removed the amount of dirt containment removed and places in compost pile to dry out next 5 to 10 years or testing procedure and new dirt put in. All farms and agriculture agreeing to this contract of rules will get 1st load to fill all dirt to replace unless personal property owners do there own work. If they donate dirt, be advise 1st payment will be skipped till next testing pay of the dirt. These will be taken by a certain time and reported or returned to department, pay will be given at time so collection will be set up to pay range. Birds with feathers, what dirt geology due they fluff in, what’s cage condition, oil Ph in feather. With all the bird issues, we need to tag birds legs with numbers, get a feather from each one for labs once every season, the rain, dirt, and geology are a factor with birds, if it’s parastic, procedures to containment of birds has been good so far, just have to stay on top of the bird issues because it is distrubing. Swine and Avian flu vacines no more, don’t need a 4 to 6 zoonotic level, please return to fire dome huts of bomb squad and medics to destroy. Same with all viral meds in bio labs, have enough cures, don’t need to keep virus around anymore, destroy them all now while you have chance in next phase, let professionals handled this, don’t try to do on your own, everybodies life is very precious and want to keep everybodies lifes. Horse flies containers need to be made like mosquitos, the mosquitos are starting to turn green and some equine species have virues we are still trying to figure out. Animal hospitals and agricultural units should merge together, and reports handed to Animal Cops to get reports and pay back to these divisions. Any animals that have mange or fleas, remember the plague, if they look that bad, get them contained(don’t waste medicine, you know job enough now to determine when they walk into the door if worth saving life or not) Any homeless people with pets will be taken away due to not being able to have proper vacines on the street and can’t take care of themselves, we can’t risk infection spreading to those that work hard to keep there pets immunizied. After infected pet is euthinized and contained, clean room deep wash within 20 mins in the door, needs to be discarded and cleaned. Very important on min rule of virus around hospital. People in the animal industry that have animal reports, if they don’t pay there pet bills, then are subject to lose pet if they can’t maintain and stay up to par on the law. We can’t have virus and diseases breaking out that could harm all. Subject to be reported to authorities to get paperwork to own and bring animal in to adopt out or depending on health discard for safety purposes. Pet stores with Turtles, Reptiles, etc, these animals could carry samonella and other containments, forms need to be filled out when adoption takes place, that way if sick in the hospital, we can figure out if animal or house virus that cause this or game meat etc. Need to seperate reports so that numbers and statistics make sense with national reporting of weather and solar statistics to make this a better world.
    Foster homes and children that don’t have parents or that are parentless need to merge into apartment size complexes within each town and city. This list is starting to grow due to generation gap and change over time and need to make more room for those that are good still trying to get education. If the foster rules are still running and obeying by systematic terms, the property will be owned by school or enforcement and the property is grounded and only parents running kids will have to help on funds and bills, no real estate will be required due to making up in the funding process by the system to help accomplish making their future bright too. All places like humanity aid, goodwill, and other proverty lines will need to merge with these foster groups(except SAFE HOUSE for abused woman, different system) that way both groups can help out and have stores on the first few floors for people to shop to help funds these places and the differance is paid back to system since the real estate is free.
    Due to having a black man in the house, not saying that EVERY white person is racist, but all signs that make offense to this election this year should be kept in mind. Stores, shops, pools that say no blacks or whites only need to remove signs and are subject for trouble. Black and indian Adminstration vs. white adminstration. Not saying that all are racist, but if you mentioned that, I wonder how many people would race the other way in the voting booth selection not looking racist but could bust themselves on that rat race. They stated they are already having fun finding racist people chasing the signs that have their names on it, so find a white/black switch. I know, I appreciate the patience on NO MORE RACISM. I know this process has been hard to start with until now.
    Hawaii is soooo special, it’s like it’s own state and/or country. Therefore, all international moves in the ocean like the Transportation state line checks, all routes headed across the ocean, stop in at Hawaii, check in, and enjoy the island, one they appreciate the business and if we get a port of exchange of goods checked, then we can make sure they make location and not lost at sea either between here and there if Hawaii allows this responsiblity(Obama signed no more pearl harbors so Hawaii may handle, don’t need Salt Lake chasing profits) So anyone traveling within a circumferance of Hawaii needs to check in from now on. Also, along way, if you don’t mind due to the natural disasters of japan and now this tsuamni, if people don’t mind donating goods to them when they check in as well, poor Hawaii has been through alot the last few years and could use a pay it forward too. Considered it like tithing out of the book and im sure they give good entertainment with them grass skirts, HAHA!!
    All indian reservations will be released from indian nations back to their own parks, no need for the whites to tell their mayan prophecy if they already know this, the fund the system, the system needs to allow them to their own parks, cliff palace needs repaired, let them repair it, they use the natural earth. A paint needs to be made and formed to fix the writting on the land where water comes over the rocks and washing it off. We need to preserve those areas getting effected. We have no more defacing rocks due to being their special ways of days therefore need to protect what writting is left on the walls. Obama signed Warriors school and the mormans had the writing on the wall book, the indians painted on the wall so that explains that. Every single river, waterway or place that has any water running through it will have new rules, you may not build within 1/2 mile of river. This in some areas will take some time on transformation as well, I want people to start getting away from the river ways. The energy bridge that is going across the river has to be replaced within 7 to 10 days due to being daily energy, another reason to have global help doing these specialty projects, they are going around fixing all systems and bridges that are over waterways, no more build a bridge, blast a bridge, but repair a bridge and make it better, the DOE bridges need attention soon that go over river ways, Im highly concerned on the water, I dont want the weight to break and cause a natural disaster. The bridges that were made out of depleted uranium concrete, river filters need to go into rivers before project starts like the canel gates but with thick fish tank pads across the river to start filtering the water of bad things, then bridge needs replaced, so that the crumbling bridges dont containment rivers anymore. The concrete that still sits by the rivers need to be moved more than 1/2 mile away from river, if used as backfill to keep river from falling in, need to remove and exchange with rock, then like passes with fence and gates, need to put over the rocks to hold the dirt and river back for flow of the fish. All business that are hazardous or trucking companies need to more if they chose to expand, can’t be near river, too many fish dying due to natural disasters. Need to open fish hatcheries to their full potential to fill back in and transfer to area.
    Old milling sites near rivers and one’s that are shut down, clean up processing needs to be finished, we are taking down weapons of mass destruction, so no exploration or drilling needed if as obama says we aren’t trying to go back to the old days, anybody that tried to get permits during his adminstration needs to give up and go green energy at this time. We need to put a concrete wall up at the river base where the mill site was walking bridge down to Watson’s Island to keep the slime pots that are sloped from going into the river, those should have be lifted not sloped more. Then the river trails need to be finish along EVERY water way, no bad plants, need all removed, while groups go in and would prefer if all good grass seed along rivers to bring oxygen, and with the green will make cooler in summer and keep water from warming up and also keep animals closer to there areas and out of roads and housing areas. WE need to remember the animals around us. We need a crew to go with Search and Rescue groups or BLM counting game groups ATV’s etc. Need all areas of hunting maps re-counted and tested. I need dirt samples from every old plowshare, ground share site to see if causing the chronic wasting disease and/or other diseases coming into the animals due to the past mistakes WE ARE NOT REPEATING> WEAPONS GO DOWN!! These reports turned into animal doctors and groups that have issues so they can keep health statistic reports back and forth as well. If animals are diseased, then need animal morgue autopsy to figure out (Taxidermy is different so therefore, this process hasnt been set up yet, all game is required testing now, whether Taxidermist does it or the system has someone readily available to stay with those groups during this time of the year)
    WINTER-Number one played in item of the year and also the main season that is called get your vaccine season. Sooooo. Need to remove stuff after in snow, straight to washer, wash and get into dry clothes, if you leave in the house under fireplace or other place that causes heat and whether or not you house has dust could incur a virus. That’s why 1st snow, you should do you dusting then and wont get dust till spring/summer. Airports need to cleanse or have hand sanitizer selling at airports and/or handed at the gate with ticket before on the plane. If a virus breaks out, it can travel at a rapid rate now adays and can’t afford it. If a location shows it has virus, whole airport closes, cleans, and reopens, means the entire airport and the grounded planes that caused this stop to occur. Right now, we have weather coming in, therefore any body that has a virus and sitting with big crowds needs to be removed to there own area, make a room to remove and contain the virus during stopped flights or controlled flights due to weather to make sure that all are okay. Need a medical person on duty during this time going around taking everyone’s temperture, if the pass, great, if they don’t, they need to go to room. In the room, have Vitamin C, soup, sanitizer for hands and spray for them to santize and spray themselves in room to kill the virus and whatever means necessary to make the airports job easier. If very sick, have medic personnel remove them and take straight to the hospital to sterilize. If a break out, then special masked groups contain pass that. Not to freak out, but if we stay ahead of the viruses, then no need to worry about job being done, winter season needs to have medic’s at the screening gates, they don’t pass temperature, they don’t get passed security and it stays out of causing a possible containation. Same with hospitals during this time to keep other seperated, make a wing that all sick flu/colds go too from now on and get temp taken before door, if under 105. Trying to contain virus before outbreaks can occur. Worried about trade winds and route of storms with the dengue fever lately. Get this report out ASAP.

  • Melanie Bray posted an update:   4 months, 2 weeks ago · View

    I have an autographed picture from Ukrainians in the picture in my facebook which is located

    Also the is a wonderful place to get all kinds of information leaking directly out of the united states government!

    The picture in my facebook. The tablet has to go to Egypt. This picture in this network is artifacts that belong to the pope and Noah’s Ark. The braclet was made out of Noah’s Ark block wood! SAME TYPE! Thousands of years old, have to use gloves to pick up. The other necklace is made with hemp that Cleopatra wore in bibical times and the pope’s seeds on a string for cures of the world.

    I believe I’ve leaked more than Assange, Manning, or Snowden now. My facebook has all kinds of information and keeping track of media that matches what this site been doing all along. I really love new science!

    Hemp for school books this year huh? We really need the trees to stop falling and grow enough hemp for housing as well! Great job site and keep up the good work in leaks!

  • Melanie Bray posted a new activity comment:   6 months, 3 weeks ago · View

    Bengazi military came from Grand Junction Colorado

    In reply to - adoration posted an update in the group #A99: The News Dissector – Monday, December 30, 2013 Benghazi Blues: The Right Was Wrong, Why No Bankster Prosecutions? NSA Plumbers Unit Still At It As Judges Disagree + More News and Views ─► if you missed Sunday’s edition, click HERE! #A99 on Twitter, and #A99 in the AmpedStatus/Network discussion [...] · View
  • Melanie Bray posted an update:   6 months, 3 weeks ago · View

    Bengazi occured in grand junction colorado.

    The blockade of Libya’s oil facilities, intially
    driven by wage demands by former rebels
    in charge of protecting them is now complicated
    by tribal factors. post bengazi

    Another answer of protection of countries.

  • Melanie Bray posted an update:   1 year, 7 months ago · View

    • Avatar Image
      adoration · 1 year, 7 months ago

      Good find, @MelanieBray! Sorry CIA got involved in Pakistan’s nukes. Sorry they looked the other way while Mushman was assassinating Benazir, and in Libya, blamed on a non-existent al-Qaeda, our young ambassador – cut from the same cloth as Susan Rice.

  • Melanie Bray posted an update:   1 year, 7 months ago · View

    What a legion, trace my location smart asses and get a total solution, hmm…….they said legion? legion of what? heehee MUAH!

    Your still missing a set of arm painted art and profile picture, the two artifacts on each side of the picture is over 12,000 years old, older than 7000 year election of Egypt which is in the middle and in between Africa and the middle east links. Hmm…..

  • Melanie Bray posted an update:   1 year, 7 months ago · View

    Post Election look, my ballot still didnt show up in the mail, nor did I see the ballot at a voting station

    GOP Bush/Rice still in between Obama/Clinton and you have Boston Tea Party and Morman Romnesia in middle

    Dr Ron Paul out of the media cause Bush was, intelligance group still chasing Bush Gulf Troop up got us citizenship in america and pass info to middle east 1st admendment free speech, this actually may not be good, cause that means there in our homeland and system already if us citizenship booths letting al quida through, THIS IS NOT INCLUDING Taliban already released from Guatmo Bay, I don’t know that the two groups merged back yet, but wouldn’t let anyone from US from middle east go into middle east post election right now due to heavy background checks on all us citizens from Bush Adminstration up Gulf Troop before Clinton/Obama!! Notice that planes registration part was checked and completed by now im sure, but the actually body count chasing bush in america post 9.11 has not!! Media Fox, CNN, etc needs to not release into in the u.s. regarding the middle east and there answers right now, al quida dangerously sitting in america delivering the news as it posts, media silent treatment? Legion needs to work on this ASAP!! Or get other files and answers from me before next phase start, dont stir up anything else yet, freeze frame due to al quida group lingering in america post election, then deal with middle east after america al quida groups, that’s the issue!!!!

  • Melanie Bray posted a new activity comment:   1 year, 7 months ago · View

    White men in the white house makes 12 trillion in debt, Black man in the white house, up till now 5 trillion with most of last term paid off the 4 trillion into 1 trillion raise. My answer not in yet. So white man has incurred debt over the years in america more than black man or native, so you have to write off or remove debt that can’t be paid off which is on the men’s side of the equation cause the amount left would be mother and child.

    Total amount of weapons of mass destruction(men already burned and ruined earth beside rest being taken down) then take that wasted already burned amount and minus off the white men’s part of the debt, total left then is mother and chlld, We have bills we pay and extra debt passed the bills is the extra’s we brought from store in house(most statistic’s you cant see without having a person’s whole house inventoried, impossible equation currently without my formulas) Then party amount, liquor, drugs, and food that can’t be repaid once eaten in debt. Common sense counting to me, what do the men think on that?

    In reply to - Victoria Olson posted an update: Who said ”The Fed is not the problem?” If you’re not OUTRAGED, you’re not paying attention. U.S. Federal Reserve Secretly Loaned $1,200,000,000,000 in Public Money to Wall Street Firms. The U.S. Federal Reserve secretly loaned $1.2 trillion in public money to leading Wall Street firms in an attempt to keep the [...] · View
  • Melanie Bray posted an update in the group AvatarStaying one step ahead…..:   2 years ago · View

    Okay, the indian’s curse is still going in america, they are like slaves on reservations, mayan’s prophecy this year, please remove this curse, it’s time to allow them to do what they need to do to save the earth, the curse of the indian’s followed Romney,bush under the mormans chapter of nephi and the movie by johhny deep with the indian,

    Im a step ahead, and the UN stated for people to leave the natives allow, so now’s the time for america to remove this curse if Michael Jackson’s black and white Obama’s in the white house abolishing slavery which means the indian’s are not prisoners of war to the mormans ANYMORE!!

    I have the rest of the native trades to turn in, wild game, wild horses, cattle, land etc…..
    and also have the artifacts that go to the book that the natives etc were working on before the mormans massacred them and stated that they didn’t know enough math and science but the natives bibles are in there temple and WE NEED THOSE BOOKS for the next calendars.

    If romney doesn’t know enough religion, math or science to read a book, let someone else do the work then.

  • Melanie Bray joined the group AvatarStaying one step ahead…..   2 years ago · View

  • Melanie Bray posted an update in the group AvatarMembers of Oregon:   2 years ago · View

    We have an issue with oregon, they stated recently that the plague broke out, now with planes, trains and cars the virus would spread faster than ever the plague killed 2/3rd of the population in less than 5 years, now would be worse, so what we need now that the plague broke out, is all animals in the state of oregon needs checked, if they have it, the people need to go directly to a doctor to check and doctor’s office’s on both sides need to clean, clean, clean now, now, now,

    any animals with parasites, mange, fleas, etc, im sorry to the animals, the globe is too busy, we have to put those animals down, we can’t chance losing humans on the earth,

    WORK ON OREGON quickly now please, thank you and your welcome, ,

    also all ships check for mice and rats at port of entries, clean up, have an issue

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  • Melanie Bray posted an update in the group AvatarKnowlegde is power.:   2 years ago · View

    I want moon prints to go with my stars, if jackson had jetpack and there was a monkey. Hippies would think this is funny. Comedy moment

    Mormans words of wisdom states no alcohol and no tobacco.
    So with a basket of goodies, mushroom pizza and pot brownies, then see what the missionaries have to say about joseph smith, salmander stories, and opium if the wrong nuns are being blasted by the pope cause there sitting in the pharmacy of a hospital and the nasa bong had a seal on the bottom of it. long story……….need a moment for speech. heehee

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  • Melanie Bray posted an update in the group AvatarInternet Voting Now!:   2 years ago · View

    Flaw on facebook and bill gates, do they make there own toys that they play on, or do they build it and they will come moment, sorry, I remember as a kid, 3 men and a little lady telecommunications, selt belted in a high chair while they put stuff together, I can do just about anything.

    INVENTIONS! yummy

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  • Melanie Bray posted an update in the group AvatarInternet Freedom:   2 years ago · View

    10 Commandments of Computer ethics for middle east, and no allowed to hackathon fest, they state that america is having fun, but they have people with squirt guns shooting each other with water, lets go fly a kite into the tell you storyboard land of the good people, and egypt square was emptied and they people cleaned up and prayed, then Iran hacked into Canada and united states and grabbed the Darpa files, then turned around and hacked obama’s drone with the darpa files, and then got into NASA, so we have a bigger issue right now, Iran and N.Korea are showing signs of Nasa’s spacerace and doesn’t help with Bush.Romney chasing Nazi codes with a barking dog, didn’t match really, puppy love, FETCH! Who let the dogs out? Im still a little lost on that part of it, so be careful out there, and are you so legion?

  • Melanie Bray posted an update in the group AvatarIntelligence:   2 years ago · View

    The jails and prisons that are rapists pigs, some states already complaining about this one, ICP posse’s need to go rest in peace otherwise they could harm our earth, some of the comments in my generation and stuck in a horror reel.

    Military handing condoms out for sex slaves trades and huts, also no more Bush’s bumper boats please and thank you. your welcome, love the earth, not trash it,

    Not set the world on fire, but to love the globe, this part im lost cause im in education and don’t know if that was open legs before or after?

    do you see where part of storyboard is like use common sense, maybe Im trying to get education, finish school, and get a job, but how can you do that if your not loving the globe, when kids are trying to get along.

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MORE pull off the shelves in stores and no people with that shuffle, World of warcraft need more WOW World of Wonder Need to fully understand this one, think before speak type moment right, but help love earth. Do i serious have to open my vagina during semester, you seen how it destracted me cause then someone stated that the meat in school for kids with chemicals was bad, and my statement was that douche’s are sold in the stores, and putting them into the meat if its claimed safe that a baby comes from a vagina right? So messing with my studies, I could get cranky, you see, they didn’t say hey stop and party with us and love the globe, not destroy it.

    im praying for the forest fires etc going, praying hoping out by 4fh of july, its sad that earth is hot due to failing the drilling heat index and more systems make it worse, need to modify more systems and bring some to a halt, and make others better for future generations to come right.

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  • Melanie Bray posted an update in the group AvatarImpeach Obama Now:   2 years ago · View

    Biden is the and the bosten tea party holds the snake,

    Alice had cocaine on her noise and kicked the royal rabbit out of the party, got a house with secret service, and Einstein’s atom smasher shouldn’t have been turned on and should be turned off.

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