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"I have an autographed picture from Ukrainians in the picture in my facebook which is located Also the is a wonderful place to get all kinds of information leaking directly out of the united states government! The picture [...]" · View
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    I have an autographed picture from Ukrainians in the picture in my facebook which is located

    Also the is a wonderful place to get all kinds of information leaking directly out of the united states government!

    The picture in my facebook. The tablet has to go to Egypt. This picture in this network is artifacts that belong to the pope and Noah’s Ark. The braclet was made out of Noah’s Ark block wood! SAME TYPE! Thousands of years old, have to use gloves to pick up. The other necklace is made with hemp that Cleopatra wore in bibical times and the pope’s seeds on a string for cures of the world.

    I believe I’ve leaked more than Assange, Manning, or Snowden now. My facebook has all kinds of information and keeping track of media that matches what this site been doing all along. I really love new science!

    Hemp for school books this year huh? We really need the trees to stop falling and grow enough hemp for housing as well! Great job site and keep up the good work in leaks!

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    Bengazi military came from Grand Junction Colorado

    In reply to - adoration posted an update in the group #A99: The News Dissector – Monday, December 30, 2013 Benghazi Blues: The Right Was Wrong, Why No Bankster Prosecutions? NSA Plumbers Unit Still At It As Judges Disagree + More News and Views ─► if you missed Sunday’s edition, click HERE! #A99 on Twitter, and #A99 in the AmpedStatus/Network discussion [...] · View
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    Bengazi occured in grand junction colorado.

    The blockade of Libya’s oil facilities, intially
    driven by wage demands by former rebels
    in charge of protecting them is now complicated
    by tribal factors. post bengazi

    Another answer of protection of countries.

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      adoration · 1 year, 4 months ago

      Good find, @MelanieBray! Sorry CIA got involved in Pakistan’s nukes. Sorry they looked the other way while Mushman was assassinating Benazir, and in Libya, blamed on a non-existent al-Qaeda, our young ambassador – cut from the same cloth as Susan Rice.

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    What a legion, trace my location smart asses and get a total solution, hmm…….they said legion? legion of what? heehee MUAH!

    Your still missing a set of arm painted art and profile picture, the two artifacts on each side of the picture is over 12,000 years old, older than 7000 year election of Egypt which is in the middle and in between Africa and the middle east links. Hmm…..

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    Post Election look, my ballot still didnt show up in the mail, nor did I see the ballot at a voting station

    GOP Bush/Rice still in between Obama/Clinton and you have Boston Tea Party and Morman Romnesia in middle

    Dr Ron Paul out of the media cause Bush was, intelligance group still chasing Bush Gulf Troop up got us citizenship in america and pass info to middle east 1st admendment free speech, this actually may not be good, cause that means there in our homeland and system already if us citizenship booths letting al quida through, THIS IS NOT INCLUDING Taliban already released from Guatmo Bay, I don’t know that the two groups merged back yet, but wouldn’t let anyone from US from middle east go into middle east post election right now due to heavy background checks on all us citizens from Bush Adminstration up Gulf Troop before Clinton/Obama!! Notice that planes registration part was checked and completed by now im sure, but the actually body count chasing bush in america post 9.11 has not!! Media Fox, CNN, etc needs to not release into in the u.s. regarding the middle east and there answers right now, al quida dangerously sitting in america delivering the news as it posts, media silent treatment? Legion needs to work on this ASAP!! Or get other files and answers from me before next phase start, dont stir up anything else yet, freeze frame due to al quida group lingering in america post election, then deal with middle east after america al quida groups, that’s the issue!!!!

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    White men in the white house makes 12 trillion in debt, Black man in the white house, up till now 5 trillion with most of last term paid off the 4 trillion into 1 trillion raise. My answer not in yet. So white man has incurred debt over the years in america more than black man or native, so you have to write off or remove debt that can’t be paid off which is on the men’s side of the equation cause the amount left would be mother and child.

    Total amount of weapons of mass destruction(men already burned and ruined earth beside rest being taken down) then take that wasted already burned amount and minus off the white men’s part of the debt, total left then is mother and chlld, We have bills we pay and extra debt passed the bills is the extra’s we brought from store in house(most statistic’s you cant see without having a person’s whole house inventoried, impossible equation currently without my formulas) Then party amount, liquor, drugs, and food that can’t be repaid once eaten in debt. Common sense counting to me, what do the men think on that?

    In reply to - Victoria Olson posted an update: Who said ”The Fed is not the problem?” If you’re not OUTRAGED, you’re not paying attention. U.S. Federal Reserve Secretly Loaned $1,200,000,000,000 in Public Money to Wall Street Firms. The U.S. Federal Reserve secretly loaned $1.2 trillion in public money to leading Wall Street firms in an attempt to keep the [...] · View
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    Okay, the indian’s curse is still going in america, they are like slaves on reservations, mayan’s prophecy this year, please remove this curse, it’s time to allow them to do what they need to do to save the earth, the curse of the indian’s followed Romney,bush under the mormans chapter of nephi and the movie by johhny deep with the indian,

    Im a step ahead, and the UN stated for people to leave the natives allow, so now’s the time for america to remove this curse if Michael Jackson’s black and white Obama’s in the white house abolishing slavery which means the indian’s are not prisoners of war to the mormans ANYMORE!!

    I have the rest of the native trades to turn in, wild game, wild horses, cattle, land etc…..
    and also have the artifacts that go to the book that the natives etc were working on before the mormans massacred them and stated that they didn’t know enough math and science but the natives bibles are in there temple and WE NEED THOSE BOOKS for the next calendars.

    If romney doesn’t know enough religion, math or science to read a book, let someone else do the work then.

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    We have an issue with oregon, they stated recently that the plague broke out, now with planes, trains and cars the virus would spread faster than ever the plague killed 2/3rd of the population in less than 5 years, now would be worse, so what we need now that the plague broke out, is all animals in the state of oregon needs checked, if they have it, the people need to go directly to a doctor to check and doctor’s office’s on both sides need to clean, clean, clean now, now, now,

    any animals with parasites, mange, fleas, etc, im sorry to the animals, the globe is too busy, we have to put those animals down, we can’t chance losing humans on the earth,

    WORK ON OREGON quickly now please, thank you and your welcome, ,

    also all ships check for mice and rats at port of entries, clean up, have an issue

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    I want moon prints to go with my stars, if jackson had jetpack and there was a monkey. Hippies would think this is funny. Comedy moment

    Mormans words of wisdom states no alcohol and no tobacco.
    So with a basket of goodies, mushroom pizza and pot brownies, then see what the missionaries have to say about joseph smith, salmander stories, and opium if the wrong nuns are being blasted by the pope cause there sitting in the pharmacy of a hospital and the nasa bong had a seal on the bottom of it. long story……….need a moment for speech. heehee

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    Flaw on facebook and bill gates, do they make there own toys that they play on, or do they build it and they will come moment, sorry, I remember as a kid, 3 men and a little lady telecommunications, selt belted in a high chair while they put stuff together, I can do just about anything.

    INVENTIONS! yummy

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    10 Commandments of Computer ethics for middle east, and no allowed to hackathon fest, they state that america is having fun, but they have people with squirt guns shooting each other with water, lets go fly a kite into the tell you storyboard land of the good people, and egypt square was emptied and they people cleaned up and prayed, then Iran hacked into Canada and united states and grabbed the Darpa files, then turned around and hacked obama’s drone with the darpa files, and then got into NASA, so we have a bigger issue right now, Iran and N.Korea are showing signs of Nasa’s spacerace and doesn’t help with Bush.Romney chasing Nazi codes with a barking dog, didn’t match really, puppy love, FETCH! Who let the dogs out? Im still a little lost on that part of it, so be careful out there, and are you so legion?

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    The jails and prisons that are rapists pigs, some states already complaining about this one, ICP posse’s need to go rest in peace otherwise they could harm our earth, some of the comments in my generation and stuck in a horror reel.

    Military handing condoms out for sex slaves trades and huts, also no more Bush’s bumper boats please and thank you. your welcome, love the earth, not trash it,

    Not set the world on fire, but to love the globe, this part im lost cause im in education and don’t know if that was open legs before or after?

    do you see where part of storyboard is like use common sense, maybe Im trying to get education, finish school, and get a job, but how can you do that if your not loving the globe, when kids are trying to get along.

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MORE pull off the shelves in stores and no people with that shuffle, World of warcraft need more WOW World of Wonder Need to fully understand this one, think before speak type moment right, but help love earth. Do i serious have to open my vagina during semester, you seen how it destracted me cause then someone stated that the meat in school for kids with chemicals was bad, and my statement was that douche’s are sold in the stores, and putting them into the meat if its claimed safe that a baby comes from a vagina right? So messing with my studies, I could get cranky, you see, they didn’t say hey stop and party with us and love the globe, not destroy it.

    im praying for the forest fires etc going, praying hoping out by 4fh of july, its sad that earth is hot due to failing the drilling heat index and more systems make it worse, need to modify more systems and bring some to a halt, and make others better for future generations to come right.

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    Biden is the and the bosten tea party holds the snake,

    Alice had cocaine on her noise and kicked the royal rabbit out of the party, got a house with secret service, and Einstein’s atom smasher shouldn’t have been turned on and should be turned off.

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