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"still curious, how many anoymous does it take to find anoymous? heehee have you seen previews to men in black 3? Flaw on facebook, wall talking to the wall, wall talking back, its a mess, hey watch this, zoom, access [...]" · View
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    still curious, how many anoymous does it take to find anoymous? heehee

    have you seen previews to men in black 3? Flaw on facebook, wall talking to the wall, wall talking back, its a mess, hey watch this, zoom, access denied(anoymous legion) NOW WHAT?

    just curious, is mccain, romney and bush still hacking into white house against obama, this is somewhat funny cause they all leaking amounst themselves cause they didn’t find me. HAHA flaw on elections, brain and venus.

    then romney is chasing nazi codes and I HAVE THEM

    and you all have guards or service and im the one that got away, awards for what bin ladin, gaddafi, mubarack, the middle east knocked out al-zawarhri so america would give them award and someone bigger than bin ladin chasing bush adminstration and iran thinks they are the 1st to fly to space after they knocked the 2003 columbia shuttle out over bush and texas because of 9.11

    not supposed to fly with plutonium though, way more than uranium in iran daffy duck ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you gave them computers to hack into us, WHY? Hacked canada and us behind russia and china’s back to get DARPA files, then Wael from google released, then hacked obama’s drone with darpa info, then with drone got info from nasa.

    now getting ready to fly, the longer we wait, the more doomed we are right? arguing about it?

    how do you get protective service to finish terroristic stuff, can’t let american flag fall, they said france is gone, cause mormans took it to america again, while trying to steal russia during elections when they are running in america?!?!?!!? so i have the nazi codes they want, the mormans can only see my genology as far back as coat of arms nazi germany. How do you get the telescope etc back and the rest of the planets clocks, the atom smasher was turned on when Einstein said not too, jupiter clock skipped 5-7 mins, so was einstein right? I have the planets clocks from germany, where do i put them above international time zone center so they can read planets time too. solar system is solved, need new geometry books, more math and science not less

    keystone energy, its a federal offense to take the thousands of years old moss of the land, but drilling is trying to get us to break a federal offense to drill?

    I NEED TO BE WITH LEGION SOON I own celebrities by the way Space trophy from MTV with my Armstrong tigger shoes, im the only one! 4 apollos fighting over notebooks match deperate housewifes edie fighting, letter said longoria

    mormans say they don’t have institute research, i did it so well, i changed scientology, how’s that for crusing in the olympic reel of america, FLAW ON MORMANS more man that them man

    and romney is chasing nazi code? I research him on a better code than he’s chasing and now now the mayan’s prophecy followed bush and romney and mormans took navajo code, dog was on romney’s roof, who let the dogs out?

    and if he’s looking into math and science can he count math in the white house defeciet while chasing oil profits, WOW, who’s balancing that audit

    i am the book, venus and book older than any religion has risen for 2012 calendar and events, your legion, do you own the book? haha

    not in the mormans temple, sitting in mormans chamber of secrets instead and so im giving my testimony, hahahahha

    facebook and his wife just married under the judy garland, red ruby, there’s no place like home, only reel with black and white into techincolor, johnny deep made it into a state with reel, master copies,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the mccaulkin turned the pagemaster of oprah next great chapter and next best michael jackson in the white house black and white, wheres the missing links though

    and why with as much infomation that i do know, no one asked me one question as to why im so smart, flaw on facebook the movie hop Easter bunny playing in facebook and west wing week so monroe took down bin ladin and im waiting on the reward cause mueller fbi says sounds like hollywood script, obama says he see’s bush tv sports package, so i see bush’s code of bullshit then?

    so how do you find a needle in a haystack?

    I have assange and manning case too, wasn’t them, was daniel, the one assange kicked openleaks and had woman sign site, manning is a name in football, so superbowl already ran with madonna, genelogy name, manning still in but name unseen wide awake, remember every countries geneology chased america, and america is looking into everybody else’s genelogy

    romney chasing russia does no good, he tried to take russia before he got into white house cause there cheating voting booths that’s why they said france is gone, because america took it from france again, europes most wanted, and sarkozy has a job no matter what, ill give him a better one

    romney said he doesn’t know math and science and that’s why he’d never own russia even though chasing nazi codes, it’s a all math and science country now, romney lost at that, he lied already but not a disqualification yet, so be warned like lorax right

    romney and bush look like revenge of kitty galore, he couldn’t even get the code right, but chased it hard, u.n. said to leave natives alone and they wont still

    ussa in america bush and romney, im in horror reel, they look like small soldiers movie with kirten dunst and the legally blonde movie looks like obama, facebook, and vinklevosses

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      Alison · 1 year, 9 months ago

      ”still curious, how many anoymous does it take to find anoymous?” And while they are looking, do they do so anonymously?

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    Needs containment quickly, animals its sad, but may have to euthanized to save humans in the area

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