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”V” for the People of the Gulf Oil Spill

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As of Feb. 13, 2011, the people in the Gulf are getting sicker:

Riki Ott: Dispersants and gentically engineered bacteria are still in use — “We need cease & decist orders across the Gulf” (VIDEO)

The more people we can get to join this group. The mightier will be the recognition of the genocide that is occuring to this day, in and on the residents of the Gulf. If you have any comments, questions or links, please post them here. If we don’t do something now, what has happened to them may very well come to a city, town, or state near you, in any form.

And Gulf residents, post your stories here also. I know of some that have already died from the diseases caused from the spraying of the dispersants, as well as, just merely contact with the contaminated oil. Not just marine life, but humans also. Bring the stories and the numbers here b/c we are not getting important information from MSM.

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