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Exchange Stabilization Fund (2 posts)

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  • Avatar Image Rita Jacobs said 2 years, 6 months ago:

    The following is from I’m putting it in the forums to preserve it for reading by members of this network. This is a a MUST READ and MUST WATCH VIDEOS item.

    The Exchange Stabilization Fund

    Why you should watch these five videos:

    It is impossible to understand the world today without knowing what the ESF is and what it has been doing. Officially in charge of defending the dollar, the ESF is the government agency which controls the New York Fed, runs the CIA’s black budget, and is the architect of the world’s monetary system (IMF, World Bank, etc). ESF financing (through the OSS and then the CIA) built up the worldwide propaganda network which has so badly distorted history today (including erasing awareness of its existence from popular consciousness). It has been directly involved in virtually every major US fraud/scandal since its creation in 1934: the London gold pool, the Kennedy assassinations, Iran-Contra, CIA drug trafficking, HIV, and worse.

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