The JOBS Act Is A Fraud-Enhancing Gift To Wall Street Criminals
By William K. Black, Henry N. Pontell, Gilbert Geis, Janet Tavakoli, Barry Ritholtz & Lynn A. Stout
As white-collar criminologists (and a former financial regulator and enforcement head) and experts in ferreting out sophisticated financial frauds, our careers and research focus on financial fraud by the world’s most elite private sector criminals and their political cronies. Therefore, we write to thank Congress and the President for preparing to adopt a JOBS Act that will provide us with job security for life. ... Read More >>

Wall Street Whistleblowers Get the Silent Treatment From Washington
What’s worse: to be persecuted and indicted for trying to expose an act of wrongdoing -- or to be ignored for doing so? The Obama administration has set a record by accusing no fewer than six government employees, who allegedly leaked classified information to reporters, of violating the Espionage Act, a draconian law dating back to 1917. Yet when it comes to workers who have risked their careers to expose misconduct in the corporate and financial arena, the government has often left whistleblowers feeling isolated and discouraged. ... Read More >>



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