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A99 Operation Empire State Rebellion – Communication #1

March 13th, 2011 | Filed under Activism, Economy, Feature, Hot List, Media, Politics & Government, Video, War . Follow comments through RSS 2.0 feed. Click here to comment, or trackback.Anon

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A99 Operation Empire State Rebellion

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  1. laurent jubinville said:

    The Enemy Is Down The Street

    This is an emergency message to the collective bargainers of Wisconsin. You are falling right into the divide and conquer trap that is set for you all. Please get together with your non-union compatriots, together with your fellow-members of adjacent states and turn your sights onto the enemy.
    Your enemy is not governor Walker. Your enemy is not the government opposition. Your enemy is not in Wisconsin. Your enemy is not in Washington.
    All these are but entities hanging from the strings being manipulated by your real enemy. This is an emergency. You must get together in the name of not only your members, but of all citizens and start walking towards New York. Your enemy is not at all the general public.
    From your remarkable reputation of values and determination, you could potentially gather three million supporters to walk onto Wall Street. Bring your demands onto the table of these enslaving banks. These are your enemy. These are our enemy. This is the enemy at the root of every economic dispute presently happening on this planet.
    Just go in there peacefully, set up camp and ask J P Morgan, BoA, Citi, Wells Fargo, Wachovia and the others for the few billions that Walker needs to balance the budget, and just take it back to him. But before you leave the bank, ask them also for the money they stole that was meant to balance all local, municipal, state, and national budgets. Also don’t leave without the money this den of vipers stole from the Arab world,
    the African world, the Third world, or just plainly The World. If they don’t quite have enough there on Wall Street, just move up the isle a bit and get the rest from Rockefeller. If this evil House doesn’t have quite enough at home, there is another House in Europe that could fill in the gap without even feeling the pinch. Please go to New York. That is where the enemy is. Wall Street has barricaded off every one of our Main Streets, but you can get around that. Your are demonstrating the ability to straighten this mess for one and all.

    Laurent Jubinville
    Penticton, BC.

  2. Supportive said:

    If you are for real then start exposing the Rothschilds instead of talking about some abstract “banking cartel”. Otherwise one may think you are just another CIA/Mossad joint psy op.

  3. tim siver said:

    We are members and like your style and content.
    You are wrong, wrong, on labor unions. Unrest will
    come, across america from the politically controlled government employee class vs average americans. Union movement will be defined by unrest, civil violence, strike, and a curtail goods and services to the, once again, average american. Think it through…..and join us for right movement in employee freedom….

  4. admin said:

  5. Time for common ground – place the false right and left paradigm aside — it is time for all common humans – citizens to reject the elite control of money and government. TIME TO RESTORE THE RULE OF LAW (AS WRITTEN). This is not a fantasy or child’s game, people are suffering, and children are dieing. Don’t wait until it is your turn to suffer, and don’t think you and yours won’t if it profits the top .01%.

    We are the 99%. Why are we the obedient slaves?

  6. Lost Soul said:

    Unions fighting governors will NOT solve anything.

    The only way is to deal with the people that stole the world’s economy. Walking into the stock exchange will have no effect as they are mostly in the same boat. It is less than 400 families that rule the world and they rule the world because they control the buttons.

    The concept to go after the banks is right on.

    Even asking for the Fed to have their leader step down is a good start.

    I am responding because ot the post regarding UNIONS fighting. Tim Silver and the many people like him need to stop thinking about themselves for five seconds. Unluckily I am afraid they will not.

    The truth is Unions are part of the current problem. The fact that public employees are getting five times more than private employees is a problem. Americans have become extremely lazy people and they expect everything to be handed to them. Simply because you are being told you cannot collective bargain against the federal government is no reason to start marching on the state. It is downright dumb.

    Accept the pain but quietly get on track with the real fight. Let Michigan look like a quiet success but get on board with the fight against the real enemy.

    This war against immigrants that have no papers is the single most UNAMERICAN thing we can do as a country.

    We have a statement emblazoned on the Statue of Liberty. What ever happened to “Give us your poor, your tired, your huddled masses longing to be free…”.

    So we now put them in JAIL and idiots are cheering behind it. ARE YOU ALL NAZIs?

    WE ARE ALL IMMIGRANTS. How can we hate ourselves so much. Why are we being so sick?

    WAKE UP WHITE PEOPLE? Is that what you stand for? We are not white people we are all races mashed together into what was going to be the greatest country but we are letting them take their plan to the end and rape the worlds resources for themselves.

    There is little time left if any. There are powers at force here beyond imagination. The only chance for success is by getting behind ONE SINGLE MINDED GOAL and that goal must be driven by something that has an understanding of peace to all people. That means we must all give something up for the greater good.

    I am willing to. I am not a wealthy person though I am not poor either YET but will be soon as the dollar continues to get beaten down.

    The concepts here are sound.

    Stand behind something that has a plan and purpose. UNIONS are no longer here for the people. The UNIONS are much too fat and wasteful and give back too little of the total taken. They are NOT ALL BAD nor are they all at fault either but many are bad and many are at fault. Greed drives too much and they derail themselves. Look at the ALGWU. They were fat and rich and lost everything for their workers. Find the people that were in charge in the 80′s. Are they financially stable today?

    Unions helped make this country great but they took a bad turn and greed took over.

    Yes all us Tough New Yorkers need to soften up. I am a yelling wacko from New York CITY. I have mellowed because I see the truth finally. Being MAD all the time is bad and attitudes like I had helped drive us where we are by being blinded and selfish.

    We must turn to our fellow man and help them.

    The CHURCH has the right idea but they also have been corrupted. MONEY has allowed them to take a good message and use it to profit. Continue the talk that says help your fellow man, love thy neighbor BUT STOP GIVING MONEY to the Church. They do not need any more money. They are part of the problem. Their concepts of love and helping are great as long as they do not force it on anyone.

    No ringing doorbells to ask someone to change and do it their way. This is also insane and must stop. Brain washing people into believing everyone else is crazy is not healthy.

    So I am all over the place? Ya think because the problems are HUGE maybe?

    LOVE THY NEIGHBOR. We need an underground that includes everyone. Imagine if all of us worked together as one. Ya think this world has enough for everyone?

    How many people need to have a Lavish Home with people that serve them hand and foot? How about NO ONE needs that?

    Unluckily everyone seems to want it.

    Look to yourself. Look to your spiritual self. You do have a higher self. Try to look to it. The religion does not matter. Atheist and Buddhist and Catholic and Muslim you all have a higher spiritual self.

    Love thy neighbor. STOP the raping of the world. Get behind anything that does not have some selfish people at the top. Unions are not a good cause (sorry but they are not).

    Think about my insanity. Is it really so crazy?

    Love thy neighbor is my goal. Look to enlightenment. Look to your own spirit. Raise consciousness and we will win.

  7. PJD said:

    Remember this: Decentralized MEANS something. It means there will be no more boss to implement your magic plans. You’ll have to do it yourself, by convincing people, and not by passing a law that forces them.

    If this effort succeeds (and I pray it does), people who think they love it now will turn hard against it.
    So, all of you please think about this now: Decentralized means that you will never, ever, be able to influence the power to do it your way.

    Decentralization is necessary for human growth and evolution, and I very, very much want it to come. But it is not what some people may expect.

    Imagine there’s no strongman, for ever.

  8. sneezy67 said:

    I would rather expend my energy on A99
    than running around the house adjusting all
    electronic time devices to dumb assed Day Light Savings Time.

  9. Atticus said:

    Well, I’m onboard with it. I’ll do what I can do to spread the word. Is it April 15th?

  10. bogi666 said:

    Pay your taxes by credit card on the last day of filing.

  11. thewizard said:

    There has been a worldwide General strike effort for a few months now, every 15th of each month at hosting

  12. Donovon Ceaser said:

    I don’t know. You know, i am usually all for fighting corporate power. but I keep getting the feeling that some right-wing elements are behind this.

    For starters, if these people were truly “enlightened citizens” you’d know that one of the primary reason for the constitution was the protection of private property, not rights for ordinary citizens. And since Jefferson, Washington, and Franklin were all slave owning men, is it enlightened to fight for this paper they wrote? And what about living in harmony with nature, respecting each other, the values of the Native Americans who shared this land for thousands of years before this constitution?

  13. THOMASWADAMS said:

    All Nations of the world must take back their Sovereign rights that enable them to create their own supply of domestic, Interest free, Debt free, Social Capital and to create a State Bank, to create and issue all Parliament mandated “Social Capital” ; one American State (North Dakota) still does this and is free of the financial woes depressing the rest.
    This first step eliminates untold quanta of inflation and Government debt.
    Every Sovereign independent Nation, or co-operating group of Nations, will then use this Social Capital to totally eliminate Poverty and deprivation in their communities by issuing to all that need it a Social Wage, structured to provide a basic break even living standard, a wage that will continue until death. This forms the basis, the bed-rock of a stable, consistent, trickle-up economy.
    The Government will finance all conceivable Public Support and Infrastructures, Health, Housing, Education, etc.
    The Social Capital so created will be the sole means of financing the Nations Money Supply, it adjusts automatically to population levels. This will become a “trickle Up” economy, replacing the nonsense of trickle down.
    No Capital or subsidy will go to Private Enterprise directly, for if it did it would cause serious inflation.Capital issued and “spent” into circulation, as described above, would not create inflation.
    There would be no interference with Private Enterprise. The Private Sector could employ those in receipt of the Social Wage by offering wages and hours of employment capable of inducing people to do the work offered; the wage so earned would supplement the Social Wage, not replace it. Thus inducing mutually agreed conditions at much lower wage costs to employers.Will this not help negate the export of jobs to China etc.?
    Thus far no or very little taxpayer money has been expended. The burden of support for the poor and the provision of social and community infrastructure has been lifted from the backs of Corporate enterprise and the wealthy.
    Control of Social provision has passed out of the hands of those not willing to vote for higher taxation to facilitate it. Working people are no longer at the total mercy of Market force gambling, that all too often deprive them of livelihood and take away hard won assets such as homes and pension funds. Working people can more easily change employment to escape unsatisfactory masters and conditions.
    Price and cost inflation will be substantially reduced by ceasing tax collections from wage and salary earners, to include abolition of any sales taxes, G.S.T., and V.A.T.. Instead individuals will pay tax only once, and that when they are deceased, when the taxman will be empowered to asses deceased estates for tax liability. Avoidance will place the whole estate in danger of confiscation. Is there a better, or more equitable, system or time to pay tax, other than when we are dead?
    Corporations and all other commercial enterprise will pay an annual flat rate tax levied against total net profits. Avoidance and imaginative minimisation schemes will not be allowed. Tax allowances will be strictly limited to running, operating,overheads and development expenditures.
    Government will not subsidise free enterprise, this great engine, by it’s own rules, must stand or fall on it’s own merits.
    The value of Sovereign currencies, exchange rates, for international purposes will be decided by co-operating Governments, taking into account the requirements and relativities embedded by consent in trade agreements, indicated by Supply and Demand and moderated to avoid damaging competitive pressures or disruption to home markets. Exchange rates will be fixed, stable, out of the influences of manipulators and traders.
    There is much more to be said in explanation, however your own knowledge and experience will enable you to foresee the many attributes such a system delivers. My title for it is “THE UNIVERSAL ECONOMY” for it will work anywhere and for every person, fairly and equitably.
    A very small “coterie” of Bankers and money power people is holding the world to ransom, they spend untold quanta of money spreading lies about the evils of Social Capital, for their own narrow purposes, populations around the world are in mortal danger, somehow the money power must be defeated.This defeat will come about when we elect independent politicians who will change our system from being representative to being participatory, and we return the Economy to one operating on sound money, circulating in THE UNIVERSAL ECONOMY. This formula, most importantly,takes care of the constantly increasing costs due to population growth and other demographics.
    Have you read this far? then you have my thanks, your commentary would also be most appreciated.
    Regards, Thomas W. Adams.

  14. milojacks said:

    Lost Soul- “The fact that public employees are getting five times more than private employees is a problem”. Do you really think that a teacher with a masters degree making $50,000 is making five times a private sector employee with a masters degree? Do the math. That would mean the private sector employee is only making $10,000 with a masters.
    If you have to lie to make your point, the only point you make is that you lie! You are not helping the cause you seem to care about.

  15. Sean Mason said:

    Stand up or Stand aside, change is coming either way we look at it. We the American people are reaching a breaking point. Look at your family and friends around you, do they seem happy with their quality of life, or do they always look to images in media of lavish homes, nice cars, and having anything in this world within reach. If you want something it used to be that you could work hard for it and achieve it. Nowadays you have to have connections, degrees saying that you know how to regurgitate things out of a book sold for easily 10-20 times it’s cost to create. Being told that you HAVE to have these books is a sham and a lie, there are plenty of better learning materials for sale for a fraction of the cost but those don’t follow with contracts and promises made by the board of trustees. Think on this as well. The word Trustees. They’re people you place your trust in to help you with forwarding your life or getting the degree you so covet. How many people actually put their trust in these degenerates? I know going to college I never once was asked if I trusted this person and wanted them in a position of power, and they take thousands of dollars from you, your brothers, your sisters, your mothers, and your fathers. Yet complacency says that things just work that way. Never once do you raise your voice nor lash out those that would shackle you. We the American people are the perpetrators to the largest crime this world has ever seen. The enslavement of over 200,000,000 men women and children just within our shores alone. We have allowed men and women of privilege to destroy our way of life and shackle us. If you want something better for your life, and your children’s lives then stand up. If you’re too frightened or don’t feel it’s that bad then get out of the way because change and progress are coming. Mark my words, it will get bloody, it will get horrible, and it will just keep getting worse. Scoff all you will but deep inside you all know just how tired and just how much pain this country is in. The world itself howls it’s torment. This is your life, the life of everyone you know and love, find the strength and the resolve to do what you know must be done or this world will crumble and die.

  16. Lamb's Bread said:

    Down with Bank of America! Wait. What? They hold my assets…nevermind.

  17. e. martinez said:

    good lord above us…. listening to all the bleeding hearts who wish to accomodate all the world that wants to move here illegally ??????? give them a functioning brain… all the money the illegals make here, and then send it to mexico..??? we provide 75% of the whole economy in mexico.. how are they spending their money here and sending it out of the country at the same time ??? good trick.. i know for a fact that most of them do not pay taxes and operate under false ID’s.. i live in a neighborhood and they have practically taken it over…new trucks, stone and brick houses they manage to get their hands on. buy $500 worth of meat at the grocery store and pay for it all with food stamps…they circulate printed instructions on how to work this usa system… i know many mexicans that are totally disgusted that as a tax payer they are expected to pay for medical , food stamps, and free loans for people that are here illegally and never intend to become a citizen, period… they fly their mexican flags outside their homes, not the american flag… go to the la raza web sites and see how they feel about the real americans….how they demand that the old white people die because they are going to take over this country by having dozens of babies… won’t take very long either… look up the statistics of what they cost us on a daily basis… then sing your silly songs of predjudice and politcal correct idiocy… whatever happened to the rule of law and being legal… those that are here legally are disgusted with the whole scene….so save your breath when you start criticising those of us that believe in the rule of law, and those of us that came here and woked two jobs and spent years becoming american citizens…, and bought our homes by the sweat of our own brow, and never expected someone else to give us a handout… legal will always be just that… LEGAL.. and illegal will always be just that, ILLEGAL.. WHAT IS THERE ABOUT THAT WORD THAT YOU REFUSE TO UNDERSTAND ????? DUH !!!! why have you turned your back on honesty, INTEGIRTY and legality… ???? you present yourself as some kind of benevelent angel … oh really!!!! where is your actual loyaltiy to the united states ????? any there at all ??? or do you just need a little soap box to show off you fake self righteousness ???? if you don’t love this country and strive for it to be the best, why are you here in the first place… if the country you come from is so evil or so mislead by it’s political branches why the heck do you come over here and try to change america to be what you could not live with in the first place… come join us to make our world a better place, always room for improvement, and quit trying to turn it into something it is not and never will be….this is the united states of america, period…. get out if you can’t handle that… go away and find you a niche back in the country you left… work to make it a better place….do something honest…if you hate merican and consider it to be an ugly, evil, place,,,, why the heck did you move here ??? because we can give you what you wanted in the first place… so if you are going to be here and become one of us, then bow that knee to the country that will provide it for you… not a socialized country where you can’t own property, or anything else for that matter… get your nose in the history books and check out who and what made this country the place you wanted to put down roots in…and oh my god…… the unions that are merely a politcal arm of the dems…. we have your number now… what happened to your integrity and honesty ???? at one point in time you were great and you allowed yourself to become contaminate all in the name aof power…. show’s over…. turn back to your own integrity and things can get better even for you……………granny…

  18. I “Liked ” this and tried to email it to friends, but there is a bug in your program and I couldn’t email the message. (I can cut and paste and use my own system, but it isn’t possible via this website- at least not from my computer.)

  19. iowapatriot said:

    let’s roock!!

  20. iowapatriot said:

    We the people, must – withdraw all monies from the mega banks – Goldman Sachs, J P Morgan, BoA, Citi, Wells Fargo, Wachovia and other large banks. Move all notes and accounts to the smaller local banks. Protest mega banks Criminal Fraud on the American people.

  21. Strawman said:

    Bankster cartels are puppets too!

    We`ve beat the grass long enough to see the snakes crawl,
    and you cant kill the snake by cutting off its tail.
    Its time to go after the head!
    Rothschilds and the rest of the Bilderberg Club beware!

  22. Deborah Dills said:

    I agree that it IS time to end the Federal Reserve ponzi scheme on the American people. It was called the Federal Reserve to implicate that it was part of our government. It is no more federal than the federal express.

    Here is another website and petition to sign to dend the fed:


    It is also time for a 2nd American Revolution to throw out our current government, scrape the school system, put people back to work rebuilding this country and start helping the citizens of this country

  23. alohajim said:

    Larent Jubineille has got it right. It really does boil down to the Central Banking system where bankers have been give the sole ‘right’ to create money from nothing. It’s resulted in ALL of our problems today. Its very difficult to realize the extent of the power and control because the Federal Reserve began in 1913. In two generations they have amassed complete control over all aspects of our society – governments, politics, education, media, heathcare, and industry etc. Its the reason for our shameful welfare and warfare society we have devolved into along with the dumbing down and distracting of the population and creating and fostering dependence on government. The ongoing moral decay and the fracturing of families is by design, not accident. Know the enemy : it is bankers who control the issuance of money, and thus control every aspect of our society. Not the bank teller or clerk or branch manager, but the banking families that own the central banks worldwide. Non violent, civil disobediance. Opt out and starve the beast, be as self reliant as possible, do not rely on government for anything. Best rule of thumb : do the exact opposite as what our government and media are telling you to do. Ignorance, distraction, and dependence are their greatest weapons. RESIST! God Speed.

  24. Jake said:

    We are in a worldwide economic crisis AGAIN, and “MONEY” is at it’s very center AGAIN. And we have let it happen AGAIN. It is a crisis of money management, and the result of permitting ruthless private international financiers to gain and keep control over “OUR” money AGAIN. Yes, money is a sovereign right that arises from the sovereign right of an individual to enter into contracts. By allowing that right to be usurped by private banking interests we have lost the greatest power a free and democratic people can have – economic power. I would say that 90% of all the people are confused about money. About what it is now, where it comes from, but more importantly, what it should be, and where it should come from.

    Wealth often confused with money, can take almost any form, and historically it has, from gold to cattle, from grain to salt, and water to land. These are all forms of wealth, commonly called commodity wealth with the exception of land, which is known as “real wealth” or “real estate” because it has certain distinctions that commodity wealth does not. Notes or deposit receipts (money) for grain, metals, gems, or other items of value have served throughout time as a safer, more convenient means of transferring payment. Here the reputation of the issuer was the key factor in its acceptance.

    But the point here is that “money” is a medium, or means of exchange that takes the place of the items being exchanged. When items of value are exchanged that is called “barter”. Money is used in place of barter. Money is not the things themselves. For money to retain it´s integrity it should be free of any intrinsic manipulation which one of them is interest.

    Mathematically Perfected Economy NOT ONLY restores our sovereign right to issue our own promissory notes to each other, but also offers a money management system at the same time.

  25. [...] when the unwashed hordes descend upon Wall Street later this month or next month, they can demand the resignation of Bernanke and Hon. Denise L. [...]

  26. Anonymous said:

    Anonymous will not tolerate this faggotry.

  27. Guitar Man said:

    @Thomas… said: “Instead individuals will pay tax only once, and that when they are deceased, when the taxman will be empowered to asses deceased estates for tax liability.”

    No. 1 No other human being has the right or the authority to put a tax on anything I own or have in my control. If you think they do, where did they get that authority and who gave it to them??? I sure as hell didn’t !!!

    No. 2 If you have children, you must not love them very much to want to give any part of their inheritance to a greedy, corrupt, evil government like we have in the U.S. !!!

  28. mrn1976 said:

    I have to say your group is pathetic… where do yo get your info? Fox News, MSNBC, CNN? Maybe you should dig a little deeper and really find out what the Federal Reserve does. by the way I’m middle class and not at all concerned.

  29. dave said:

    come on I dare you?

  30. Jorge Calderon said:

    An editorial directed against Lincoln’s debt-free
    Greenbacks, attributed to The London Times, said it all:
    If that mischievous financial policy which had its origin in the North
    American Republic during the late war in that country, should become
    indurated down to a fixture, then that Government will furnish its
    own money without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without debt.
    It will become prosperous beyond precedent in the history of the
    civilized governments of the world. The brains and wealth of all
    countries will go to North America. That government must be
    destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe.

  31. supreme138 said:

    fuckin pussies. you are nothing but a buch of picked on kids probably fucked your life up long ago and now your just pissed cus the gov wont give you more $$$$$ on your food stamps. grow the fuck up and do something legit to change whats going on. Stop this black hat hacking bullshit and expose yourself. You do nothing but get people worked up by replacing lies with more lies. You are cowards and do not represent this country in any positive manner. hope you fucking die alone you childish pricks… or just get a real job and a real hobby

  32. supreme138 said:

    way to get yourself heard calling people fags. just cus daddy caught you when you were younger dont make it wrong its ok anonymous you can come out of the closet but you wont fuckin punk bitch

  33. David Duncan said:

    Peaceful political change is at hand. Thank God for the Internet! Rock on A99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  44. Entony said:

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  47. 3D Printer said:

    Great! I am really glad to hear that this is finally taking place.

  48. google said:

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